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Why Are Coffee Pods Growing In Popularity?

by Alex Bider 01 Sep 2020
Why Are Coffee Pods Growing In Popularity

Coffee pods have been in existence for decades, and they are going nowhere. Today, many homes and even businesses in Canada opt for coffee pods to get their caffeine needs. If you are wondering why coffee pods are growing in popularity, you certainly should keep reading.

If the stats are any indication, coffee pods are stirring up a revolution in the world we live in today. This is because of the numerous advantages that they offer over other options. One of the benefits of coffee pods is how fast it lets you brew your coffee. We now live in a fast-paced world, and nobody wants to wait around all day to get a cup. However, the speed of the coffee pod is only one of its many benefits.

Undoubtedly, there are many more benefits to using pods for coffee. According to a survey, there has been a triple-fold increase in the sales of these pods. Even more, almost half of homeowners in Canada have a coffee pod machine in their home. But what precisely is the reason for the growing popularity of coffee pods?

In this article, we will help you understand why coffee pods are growing in popularity. But first, let us look at some essential details you need to know about them. This way, you can understand what all the hype is about. Please keep reading to find out all you need to know about coffee pods and why they have gotten so popular.

Why Are Coffee Pods Growing In Popularity

What Are Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods are single-serve containers that contain only enough coffee for one portion. In simpler terms, a coffee pod is the equivalent of the teabags except that this time, it's coffee. Like teabags, pods are also pre-portioned amounts of coffee enveloped by filter paper. 

Coffee pods contain ground coffee in the perfect proportion for one drink. This means you don't have to bother with the hassle of grinding coffee beans. Furthermore, you do not need to calculate the right amount of coffee to brew. The coffee pods handle all these for you and more. There's also the fact that it all happens so fast.

All you need to do is place the pod into a designated coffee-making machine and push a button. The device does the rest – heating water, dissolving the coffee, everything! In seconds, you'd have that brown liquid that we all love pouring into your cup. So, if you are wondering 'should I buy coffee pods?' well, now you have your answer. 

However, if you need more information about why coffee pods are growing in popularity, we've got you. Keep reading to find out more.

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Are Coffee Pods The New Normal?

Before we tell you what we think, let us look at what the statistics have to say. The invention of coffee pods happened about four decades ago. Since that time, the coffee pod industry has experienced an average of 9% increase in sales annually. 

This is quite impressive when you compare it to the general coffee industry's growth rate, which is only 1.6%. But the big question remains, 'why are coffee-pods growing in popularity so fast?'

About half, over 46% of Canada's population have a coffee pod machine in their homes. Indeed, the country consumes about 1.5 billion single-serve coffee pods every year. These are awe-inspiring numbers for the coffee pod industry. Evidently, numerous people buy coffee pods in Canada. Some may argue that the pods are taking over the coffee market.

While we cannot decidedly say that coffee pods are the new normal, the numbers certainly indicate that. Every day more and more people are buying and using coffee pods. There can only be one reason for this. The benefits of coffee pods, which make it a worthwhile investment, are becoming more apparent. So increasing numbers of people want them for themselves.

Now that you know there are several advantages to using coffee pods, let us look at them. In the next few paragraphs, we will share some insight into why coffee pods are growing in popularity.

Why Are Coffee Pods Growing In Popularity

What Are the Reasons For The Growing Popularity of Coffee Pods?

Everybody likes alternatives that are more convenient, faster, and perhaps cheaper. For a lot of people, that alternative is the coffee pod. So, to understand why coffee pods are growing in popularity, we must first examine its various benefits. Read further to find out why coffee pods are the rave in Canada and the rest of the world.

It is easy to use

Brewing coffee with pods is essentially a walk in the park. Indeed, just about anybody can manage it as the process is not at all complicated. All you need to do is place your coffee pod into the machine. 

Then, you hang back for some seconds and let the machine do its thing. You can then place your cup and collect your coffee. In less than a minute, you can have a mouthful of high-quality hot coffee.

Of course, you'd have to make sure that your coffee pod machine is plugged in. Also, you must fill its reservoir with water. But that's about it. More importantly, these tasks are also elementary and straightforward. So, you see, you don't need any unique skill set or expertise to get your daily dose of coffee with pods.

It is very convenient

Another reason you should buy coffee pods in Canada is that they are very convenient. These pods eliminate the need to grind coffee pods. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about finding the right measure of ground beans and other spices. No, the machine takes care of all the hassle on your behalf.

More importantly, each coffee pod brews enough for only one cup. So, you don't have to worry about getting a pot or kettle in order. Simply put in your coffee pod, brew and drink. It is all so convenient whether you stay alone or with family.

It offers consistency of quality

Another reason why coffee pods are growing in popularity is the consistency it provides in taste and quality. Humans are creatures of habit, and we seldom like disruptions to our routine. 

However, this is what will most likely happen if you choose to brew coffee manually. Today, the flavour may be strong, while the next time, it is over diluted. What about the concentration of the coffee?

Instead of subjecting your tongue to several taste fluctuations, it may be best to choose coffee pods. This way, you can always depend on the consistency of quality in the brand you select. 

It is more affordable

This is another reason for the growing popularity of coffee pods. Having to dash to Starbucks whenever you need a cup of coffee can get expensive very fast. 

However, with the continuous use of coffee pods, you will be saving yourself a lot more money than you think. So, if you want a more pocket-friendly means of enjoying good coffee, the coffee pod route may be your best bet.

Furthermore, coffee pod machines cost less than bean-to-cup machines. So, that is another point in favour of the pod lifestyle. Coffee pods are ultimately more affordable in the long run.

Should I Buy Coffee Pods: Other Benefits You Should Know

If you are still whether or not to buy coffee pods, here are some incentives to help you make up your mind. 

You get fresh coffee with every cup.

Coffee pods have a hermetic seal that keeps the ground coffee as fresh as possible. This means that even after storing the pods at home for relatively long periods, they are less likely to lose that flavour we all love. 

The seals are only broken at the moment of use, ensuring you get premium freshness with every cup. This is another reason why coffee pods are growing so much in popularity. 

You have less tidying-up to do

Due to the simple and straightforward method of making coffee from pods, you have fewer chances of making a mess. This is quite unlike other forms of brewing coffee, which can get very messy. 

This may mean you have to take more extended periods to clean up behind you. However, with the pods, you can go right from brewing to drinking without any mess.

You have a more fantastic range of options

Finally, with coffee pods, you don't have to settle for just a few coffee options. Instead, there is a huge variety of different tastes and flavours, maybe thousands, from which you can pick. So, you see, buying coffee pods in Canada just got more fun. If you haven't shopped coffee pods in a while, you're in for a real treat!

Why Are Coffee Pods Growing In Popularity

Final Take

Several decades later, Coffee pods are still growing in popularity, and now you know why. It is because of the various advantages they have other options. Are you planning to make the switch to coffee pods? 

Or perhaps you already use them, and you're looking to explore your options? We offer you the world's freshest coffees available in pods. Visit our online store, where we sell different varieties of coffee capsules. Make your order today!

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