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What Is The Best Tasting Coffee Pod?

by Invigo Coffee 20 Jul 2021
What Is The Best Tasting Coffee Pod?

Globally, coffee pods are enjoying major growth in popularity. Many coffee lovers prefer to use coffee pods to brew because of the convenience of the brewing process. 

And the numbers back it up too. Over the next four years, the coffee pod industry is predicted to enjoy a growth of up to 8 billion dollars. 

So you see, the coffee pod market is growing exponentially, and there's no stopping soon. Not only is the coffee market value increasing, but the pod industry is also evolving. 

With different brands making different types of coffee pods, choice is the number one luxury coffee pods users have. Because there are so many options, it can be hard to pick the best tasting coffee pods.

Everyone has what they like when it comes to food and beverage items. You may love a particular product, while another person doesn’t like the taste. So what you claim is the best single-serve coffee pod may be the worst for another person.

But that’s the beauty of coffee pods. No matter how picky your taste buds get, there's always a coffee pod product that’s perfect for you.

In this article, we'll give you a list of the best tasting coffee pods to try. Each one of these coffee pods has fantastic features and flavours that’ll surprise your taste buds. Let's go!

1. Invigo Coffee Boost

    Without a doubt, this is the best tasting coffee pod you'll find in Canada. The Invigo coffee boost is a great coffee pod that offers plenty of satisfaction and pleasant taste. 

    In addition, the coffee pod blend comes with a unique texture that you'll love the moment you taste it. The texture of the Invigo Coffee Boost results from the type of volcanic soils used to manufacture the coffee. 

    Sometimes, you may get tired of a specific type of coffee pod if you drink it consistently. However, it's hard to get tired of the taste of the Invigo coffee boost. When you taste the Invigo Coffee Boost, you’ll feel a distinct bitterness. As you know, the more bitter a coffee pod, the better the resulting coffee.

    You may be asking why you should love something that tastes bitter; we’ll tell you. Invigo Coffee Boost is the perfect mix of right coffee bitterness and a fruity taste. When you taste the Invigo coffee pod, you'll have a cherry taste finish. 

    The manufacturers of the Invigo coffee pod take time out to carefully pick the beans used to produce the product. The coffee beans of the Invigo coffee boost come from the best beans for coffee in Ethiopia and Southern America. 

    After picking, they engage experts to help in the process and production of the coffee pod. The thoughtful approach to making the product makes it one of the best tasting coffee pod products to try.

    2. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

      If you're a lover of bright-looking coffee, the green Mountain breakfast blend coffee pod is perfect. When you brew this coffee pod, the coffee from the pod will have a bright look to feed your eyes. But of course, looks aren't the most crucial property of coffee; taste is also vital. The green Mountain breakfast blend doesn't have a good look; it has impressive features and a fantastic taste. 

      The coffee beans used to make the product are top-quality arabica beans. To make this product, the manufacturers pick the best of the arabica beans to give it the best taste. 

      The green Mountain coffee pod has a flavour similar to nuts and a fantastic certification from kosher. This should be your best tasting coffee pod flavour if you prefer light coffee and affordable coffee prices. 

      3. Glorybrew The Duke Coffee Pod

        Being a coffee pod lover and a lover of the environment can sometimes be conflicting. Most environment lovers disapprove of the idea of coffee pods, as they consider it unsafe for the environment. 

        However, there are many coffee pods these days with features that make them safe for the environment. Of all these products, one that stands out is the Glorybrew The Duke coffee pod. 

        The Duke Coffee Pod is a coffee pod offering a perfect blend of medium and dark roasts. The coffee pod also comes with excellent chocolate flavour and a soothing aroma. 

        Glorybrew The Duke is a compostable pod with a near-perfect taste. The coffee beans used to manufacture the coffee pod gets picked in South America. These Arabic coffee beans have certifications from the Rainforest Alliance. 

        4. Illy Extra Dark

          All around Italy, a famous company known for their dark coffee is Illy. When the company was manufacturing coffee pods, they didn't lose their trademark coffee taste. Their coffee pods are as dark as an original Illy coffee would be. Not only are these pods dark, but they also have a rich and deep taste. 

          If you naturally love dark coffee, the Illy Extra Dark will be one of the best coffee pods variants to try. The colour is extra dark, and its content doesn't contain large acid volumes. Apart from being extra dark, the coffee pod will give you a pleasant flavour taste. It offers a perfect balance between dark coffee and a dry, fruity flavour. 

          5. Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll

            Who doesn't like the taste of cinnamon? We can bet you do! You should try the Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll coffee pod when you want to taste cinnamon in your breakfast. 

            The taste of Cinnabon coffee pod has similarities with a tasty cinnamon roll. But irrespective of the cinnamon taste, the coffee pod doesn't lose the distinct taste of coffee. 

            The manufacturer infuses a mix of cinnamon and brown sugar into the coffee pod mix to get the cinnamon taste. When you have a taste of the coffee pod, you’ll get the feeling of taking a more expensive drink. However, if you don't like sugar a lot, this coffee pod may not be your favourite coffee pod.

            6. Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend

              It's no crime being a lover of coffee pods and having hatred for the caffeine content in coffee. All you need to drink when you need to take coffee is to drink decaf coffee. 

              If you're looking for an excellent decaf coffee pod, Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend is the perfect product. It has minimal caffeine content, but it comes with great taste. 

              Unlike many other decaf coffees with a bland and watery taste, this coffee pod manages to offer a strong flavour. 

              The strong flavour is present because the manufacturers remove the caffeine from the coffee through a complex water system with a charcoal-based filter. Therefore, you take away all the caffeine but still retain the excellent coffee flavour. 

              7. Starbucks ‘Pike Place’ Pods

                As you may already know, Starbucks is a popular and famous coffee manufacturer globally. So there's little chance that a list of top coffee pods in 2021 will not have a Starbucks product. However, the Starbucks 'Pike Place' coffee pod is not just any regular coffee product from Starbucks. It's a coffee pod product that helps you relax as you drink the coffee pod. 

                Starbucks 'Pike Place' coffee pod comes with a medium roast look and flavour. There is a fine mix of cocoa that spices up the flavour of the coffee pod. The taste of this coffee pod is perfect for giving your mouth a soothing and relaxing flavour. 

                8. Caribou Coffee Blend Keurig Pods

                  Sometimes, you may take coffee and feel the taste is too harsh. What that means is you need to drink coffee with a mild and mellow taste. If you're looking for the perfect coffee pod with the ideal blend of mild coffee taste, Caribou Coffee Blend Keurig pods are perfect. 

                  Asides from being mild on the tongues, this coffee pod will give you different tastes, all blended perfectly. First off, you'll enjoy a fruity taste because of the fruit-forward blend. 

                  You'll have a chocolate taste as an aftertaste when you drink the coffee from the Caribou Coffee pod. If you're looking to save some money on your coffee pods, this product is an excellent option. 

                  9. The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha coffee pods

                    A primary feature that sells these coconut mocha coffee pods is the sweet taste. The sweet taste of this product comes with some fragments of coconut taste and chocolate. These two flavours mix perfectly to give you a taste you can't forget easily. With all these fantastic features, you'll not need to break the bank to buy this coffee pod. 

                    10. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Keurig coffee pods

                      Dunkin is another famous coffee brand in the coffee industry. Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Keurig Coffee Pods are not exactly a popular product. However, with the features and tastes of the coffee pod, this product ranks as one of the best tasting coffee pods.  

                      With the Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend Keurig Coffee Pods, you will be drinking a fantastic product at an affordable price. 

                      The coffee comes with a taste that's a little bitter, so you may need to add your flavour. However, if you need a quality coffee pod at an affordable price, the Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend Coffee Pod is a good option. 

                      11. Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee pods

                        For a while now, Keurig green Mountain coffee pods have grown in popularity around the world. However, there are many different green Mountain coffee pod variants to try. 

                        One of these coffee pod variants is the Green Mountain Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee pod. As the name implies, it's not about the coffee alone; it's about the vanilla and caramel flavour too.

                        When you brew these coffee pods, you'll most likely be getting a light roast look. However, when you taste your brew, you’ll love the perfect blend of coffee, caramel, and vanilla. Throughout the drinking process of the coffee pod, you'll not want to miss a taste. The aroma, taste, and flavour of this product are fantastic for any breakfast.

                        12. SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla flavoured Compostable Coffee Pods

                          When you buy coffee pods with vanilla content, you don't want the vanilla taste to overshadow the actual coffee taste. A good product you should try for the perfect blend of coffee and vanilla is SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla flavoured Compostable Coffee Pods. This coffee pod has fantastic features with great taste. 

                          First, brewing these coffee pods will give you a medium roast look and taste. So, the vanilla flavour doesn't affect the richness of the coffee. 

                          SF Bay coffee pods are very safe to use in the environment because of their compostable properties. You don't necessarily have to purchase coffee pods with the fear of harming your immediate environment, and as a result, your health.

                          13. AmazonFresh French Vanilla flavoured Keurig Coffee Pods

                            You may not precisely understand the nature of Amazon as a coffee pod-producing brand. But as you know, with the Amazon brand, the value proposition is an essential factor to them. When you buy the AmazonFresh French Vanilla flavoured Keurig coffee pods, you'll get value for your money excellently.

                            Not only will you get your money's worth, but you'll also enjoy the feel of a luxurious coffee pod at a reasonable price. The beans used to make the AmazonFresh French Vanilla flavoured Keurig coffee pods are purely Arabica coffee beans. 

                            Brewing one of the AmazonFresh French Vanilla coffee pods will give you a medium roast with a beautiful aroma. As you’ll expect, it's one of the best tasting coffee pods because the taste comes with a vanilla touch. 

                            14. Wolfgang Puck Coffee Jamaica Me Crazy

                              Usually, you may not endorse the idea of trying out a coconut flavour with coffee from coffee pods. In most cases, you would not endorse it because you have not tried the mix before. 

                              But after you drink coffee brewed from Wolfgang Puck Coffee Jamaica Me Crazy coffee pods, you'll want to try coconut and coffee every time. The coffee pod has a rich flavour of coffee mixed with the correct dose of coconut. 

                              The taste of coconut and coffee from Wolfgang Puck coffee pods will make you want more. The coconut flavour in no way affects the strength and taste of the coffee in the pods. You’ll still get a medium-looking roast with a fantastic taste. You can always add flavour based on your preference. 

                              15. Kauai Coffee Single Serve Pods Coconut Caramel Crunch flavour

                                Can you remember what they told you about coffee from Hawaii? Alright, maybe no one told you anything about coffee from Hawaii before today. However, the Kauai coffee pods are great coffee pods with excellent features and taste. The taste of the coffee from these pods is one feature that’ll have you wanting more. 

                                If you brew these coffee pods alone, you'll have medium roast coffee pods with some coconut caramel taste. You can add your flavours to make the coffee taste better. 

                                16. Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve Pods, flavoured, Toasted Southern Pecan

                                  Do you love the taste of pecans and nuts? If you do, your best tasting coffee pods should be Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve pod. These coffee pods give you the right mix of coffee, nuts, and pecan. The combination of these flavours brings a smooth and fantastic taste to your mouth. 

                                  The pecans used to add flavour to the Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve Pods are Georgia pecans. So you can rest assured of getting the best quality coffee pods mixed with pecan. 

                                  Asides from the smooth taste of these coffee pods, another great feature is the compostable components of the coffee pods. The materials used for Cameron’s coffee pod production are mostly compostable, making them safe for the environment. 

                                  17. Martinson Single Serve Coffee Pods, Hazelnut Creme

                                    Among all flavours used for coffee, hazelnut stands out as one of the most popular coffee flavours. When you have a coffee pod that already has a mix of the hazelnut flavour, you can expect an exceptional taste. 

                                    If you want to have a tasty mixture of hazelnut and coffee, you should try out Martinson Single Serve Coffee Pods. When you brew these coffee pods with hazelnut creme, what you should expect in taste is pure bliss.

                                    Martinson’s coffee pods are one of the best tasting coffee pods if you love mild coffee. Unlike many other plastic coffee pod brands, the Martinson coffee pods have recyclable plastic as their container to help save the environment. 

                                    18. Peet’s Coffee Pods

                                      A necessary process that affects the look, taste, and flavour of coffee is the roasting of the coffee beans. This process goes ahead to affect the manufactured coffee as a whole. 

                                      If your coffee is going to have a mild or strong taste and look, it depends on the roasting process. A coffee manufacturer that understands the importance of roasting excellently is Peet’s. 

                                      With their coffee pods, they take their time to roast the coffee beans in batches with their hands. So they roast the coffee pods today and manufacture the pod quickly to ensure freshness. 

                                      You can buy these coffee pods without second-guessing the freshness of the coffee pod. If you're looking for the best tasting coffee pods in terms of freshness, Peet’s Coffee pods will do. 

                                      Affordability is an essential component for any consumer of coffee pods. When it comes to pricing, Peet’s seems to have their methods of keeping its products affordable. You can get a pack of 40 coffee pods at $53.

                                      19. Happy Belly Light Roast Coffee Pods

                                        Many coffee lovers prefer to take a medium or dark coffee roast, while others prefer a light roast. Irrespective of how much you like your dark and medium roast, there are some days you'll want a light coffee roast. 

                                        When you want a light coffee roast, a great coffee pod you can try is the Happy Belly light roast coffee pod. As the name implies, these coffee pods make your belly happy, as well as your tongue. 

                                        The coffee beans used to manufacture these light-roast coffee pods are purely Arabica beans. These beans have bright and tasty features, and the finish from the producers is highly delicious. Since the roast is light, you’ll get a lot of caffeine from this coffee pod. Therefore, if you want the best tasting coffee pods, Happy Belly light roast coffee pods are viable. 

                                        20. Cooper’s Cask Barrel-Aged Single Serve Kcup Variety Pack

                                          Over time, Cooper’s Cask has been a stand-out manufacturer of coffee pods across the globe. When it was time to manufacture the Cooper’s Cask Barrel-Aged Coffee Pods, they made no mistake at all. The coffee has the right blend of coffee with flavours that will touch the right spots on your tongue. You'll have to buy more than one pack of these coffee pods because you'll crave more. 

                                          As with most coffee pods from Cooper’s, this coffee pod has an intense roast and flavour. The manufacturer roasted the coffee beans in batches, so you don't need to worry about the stale coffee pods. The taste of this coffee pod is the perfect point between a medium and a complex roast coffee. 

                                          21. Gevalia Cappuccino Keurig K-Cup Pods w/ Froth Packets

                                            If you're a true lover of cappuccino, then you're at the right place at the right time. Apart from a unique and classic cappuccino taste, the coffee pod comes with some deposit of froth.

                                            The coffee flavour you'll get after you brew these coffee pods is all shades of fantastic. You will taste that rich and creamy cappuccino flavour. It may not be an authentic cappuccino taste, but it still ranks as one of the best tasting coffee pods. 

                                            22. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

                                              Some people have equal love for chocolate and coffee at the same time. If you're one of these chocolate and coffee lovers, we have just the perfect coffee pod for you. You should try out the Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve Coffee Pods. These coffee pods give you the correct dose of chocolate mixed with the perfect amount of coffee. 

                                              You don't have to lose the taste of coffee for the chocolate taste when you can have both. The mixture comes out perfectly to give you a taste that leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, with these particular coffee pods, you're free to drink as much as you want without fear of caffeine. The caffeine content of the Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve coffee pod is only 50mg. 

                                              So you can take the coffee from these coffee pods without fear of being active for too long. Talking about saving the best for last, the flavour of the Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve coffee pod is a primary selling point. 

                                              When you brew this product, you have the perfect mix of cream, coffee, and of course, chocolate. So you see, even on paper, this coffee pod is one of the best tasting coffee pods in Canada. 

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                                              Whew, we have gone over a lot of coffee pod options to pick from for you! You have the liberty to choose based on your preference, taste, flavour, and of course, budget. 

                                              If we were to pick for you, we'd make no mistake while choosing the Invigo coffee boost. Invigo Coffee Boost stands tall as the best tasting coffee pod — from its features to its taste, flavour, and price. 

                                              Are you thinking of where you can buy the Invigo coffee boost or any other coffee pod? Are you looking for a light, medium or dark roast coffee pod with a fantastic flavour? 

                                              Invigo Coffee offers you a variety of coffee pods flavours to fit different taste needs. Check out our online collection of coffee pods today!

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