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Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Pods

by Alex Bider 10 Dec 2020
Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Pods

There are many pros and cons to using coffee pods. In Canada today, coffee pods are becoming more and more popular. Ultimately, this is due to the ease of use that they offer.

In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons to drinking coffee from coffee pods. Furthermore, we will provide more information on how to buy coffee pods. By the end of this delightful read, you will have everything you need to know about coffee pods.

What Are Coffee Pods?

In the world of coffee, coffee pods are divisive but a trendy commodity. Some people enjoy them, and others believe it spells doom for the barista artistry.

Alright, that intensified a little rapidly. However, that is partly accurate because of the more common use of coffee pods. Convenience is an important word here in relation to the popularity of coffee pods. Particularly when coffee makers became synonymous with home use. They encourage normal folks like you to pick any flavour of coffee pods you want. Ultimately, with just a push of a button, we can get the beautiful taste we love.

This is one of the greatest benefits of using coffee pods. Furthermore, the same thing has driven cafes and restaurants to embrace them as well. Having a consistent coffee taste for the clients turns them into faithful, recurring customers.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to using coffee pods. This is why it is important to know the different types of pods. Each type varies in its application.

The beauty of these small items is that they are tiny packets of pre-ground coffee. With them, you can whip up a cup of joe at a moment's notice. This is done with all the content inside a paper filter. They are very easy, so you don't have to weigh the ground or adjust filters.

Coffee pods are ideal for one-time use. Once you finish with them, it’s easy to dispose of and recycle them. In fact, there are several different types of coffee pods. They range from the very common soft pods to espresso pods.

Before you decide to drink coffee made from coffee pods, consider the distinctions between each pod type. You see, some products are not cross-compatible with one another.

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Types of Coffee Pods

Here are the essential details to know:

Soft Pods

For non-pressurized coffee machines, soft coffee pods are made to work. Soft pods are compact, and the packaging is loosely fit. This is so that the inside of the pod holders can offer greater drip extraction.

Soft pods come in sizes that vary from 55-70mm more commonly. However, there are also other less common sizes. The amount of ground coffee that you can find inside a soft coffee pod is between 8.2 and 12 grams.

They are very common because coffee pods provide less package waste. They also yield a more aromatic flavour and better coffee extraction.

That being said, there are fewer ways to simply brew coffee. Furthermore, there are fewer variations of flavours, blends, or roasting options. They are also difficult to find in grocery stores.

Hard Pods

Hard Pods use pressure-brew espresso machine labels or E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) pods. Espresso pods are tougher and firmer. This is unlike drip-brew pods. Therefore, they can fit securely within the pot of your system.

There is no need for you to go to the trouble of grinding and tamping your espresso due to the coffee already being pre-ground.

E.S.E. pods have only one particular size, which is 44 mm. Additionally, they can weigh between 7 (single) and 14 grams (double). They even come packed separately to help keep each pod fresh.

Hard pods enable you to get your espresso quicker and provide a more reliable taste. However, several individuals contend the consistency of E.S.E. caps. They maintain that they are not as good as ground espresso.

How to Use Coffee Pods: The Major Details

Before we get to the pros and cons of coffee pods, you need to know how to use them. A common single-serving alternative to other single-use items is coffee pods. You can use coffee pods in several different ways. You may be using it in a machine specially built for pods or in a similar coffee machine.

Flush the Basin with Water

Take a measurement cup and pour enough water into the water basin of your machine. Ensure it hits the "full capacity" point. Make sure you use only cool and filtered water.

You can use distilled or purified water if you like. This will decrease mineral concentration and make the system work faster and easier.

Withdraw the Pod from its Wrapping.

Coffee pods are typically packaged separately to preserve freshness. Without destroying it, making sure to remove the pod from its wrapping. Furthermore, tear the coffee pod's wrapper along the perforated line to extract it without destroying the pod.

Place the Pod in the Coffee Machine

Pop open your machine's pod holder part. You may need to click a button to open it, depending on your machine. Then in the machine, put the pod gently. The pod will slip into the pod holder effortlessly. Close the pod holder once it is in,

Change the Machine's Settings

You'll need to set up your machine based on what intensity you want for your coffee. Light, medium, or strong settings are possible options for your device. It could have a function for the quantity of water you want to fill your mug with if it doesn't.

The more water there is, the lighter the coffee cup will be. Your machine will brew a medium cup of coffee if you do not change your settings.

Get your Coffee Brewed

Click the "Brew" or "Start" button on the pod machine after changing your settings. It will release warm water into the coffee pod until you start the unit. Afterwards, the water will be released into your cup. Once the stream of water has stopped, enjoy your cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee Pods Machines

There are two kinds of systems on the market. This will determine how the pros and cons of coffee pods affect you. They are, namely, the open and closed machine. 

Open system

Different brands and various styles of single-serve coffee pods can fit in this device. This is because a fixed model pod fits many distinct brand coffee machines. Besides, new manufacturers are gradually conforming to the standard.

Closed system

The device and the pods are patent-protected here. In this scenario, only a particular type of single-serve capsule will enter a specific system. Once you purchase a given brand, you must rely on the use of the dedicated commodity.

One of the fastest-growing commodities is single-serve coffee, selling a wide variety of items. Indeed, consumer response in Canada has been good. 

It is a highly unique industry, providing customers with an effective platform. That is to provide single-serve coffee along with a dedicated unit. It is a significant success factor for all operators.

Buying Coffee Pods: Is it Worth It or Not?

The entire point of lists is that they help you choose for yourself. Ultimately they can help you decide if you should give anything a try or not. The truth is that you need to read a little about what coffee pods are. Additionally, you need to know about the various styles that exist. Finally, you need to learn about the systems and coffee makers they complement.

There are plenty of considerations we can discuss here. But before we get there, we want to pursue a general description of coffee pods. This is so we have a simple starting point.

Coffee pods are most commonly single-serve coffee cups that hold pre-ground coffee. Slight versions of these are coffee bags, whose inspiration came from tea bags. All these items are essentially coffee portions with their filters.

There are both industrial and home-use coffee pods. They usually come in single-serving form, but often they’re multi-serving. This depends on the purpose, and type of device you use.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using coffee pods. Eventually, as we proceed, you will learn more about them.

Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Pods

Our habits and customs have become synonymous with single-serving or pre-packaged coffee. Similarly, the invention of the teabag in the 1970s was revolutionary. Coffee pods have gradually taken over espresso in conventional consumption locations. This has led to an overturn in the market and intake behaviours for this beverage.

Below are the pros and cons of using coffee pods. This section will help you determine where to stand on the use of the pods. Ultimately, you will be able to make your final decision. We’ll start with the advantages:


The comfort factor is one of the most popular advantages of using coffee pods. Getting out of bed in the morning can be tasking. Hence why not make it a little easier for yourself? 

The coffee-making process has become more convenient than ever. To make coffee, you simply need to insert your coffee pod and finish a brew with the click of a button.


Sick of tossing out the coffee bag after it gets stale and lacks flavour? Well, so are we! Thankfully, with coffee pods, you can avoid this. The consistent quality is one of the critical advantages of using coffee pods. No matter how long you store them, as long as you buy the best coffee pods, you won’t lose any consistency or taste. Each pod ends up as tasty as the last.


For coffee pods, as labelled on the box, each capsule contains a unique flavour. This suggests that each cup you brew guarantees a remarkable flavour that you know and love.

Time Saver

This is a significant point when considering the pros and cons of coffee pods. The most powerful value of single-serving coffee cups is that they save a lot of time. To start with, they save a lot of time in cafes and restaurants. Coffee pods make preparation time shorter and the process simpler.

You no longer have to roast beans and think about the quantity and temperature of the water. You can prepare one coffee in 2, 3 minutes easily. 

Second, owners of cafes and restaurants no longer need to train workers to become baristas. Additionally, they don’t have to pay the wages of a skilled, competent barista. Consequently, for home use, the same benefits exist.

However, the most significant players who enjoy the benefits of coffee pods are the individual consumers. In the safety of your kitchen, you can continuously make outstanding coffee in no time. This is all thanks to modern, sophisticated devices. And if drinking a vendor's coffee is your cup of tea, you save even more time (the preparation takes less time). Ultimately, you don’t have to wait until the morning to get in line at the coffee shop.

Preservation of Freshness

When you buy coffee pods in Canada, the coffee grounds are fresher for longer. Coffee makers that use traditional ground coffee usually come in big packets. However, they sacrifice these packets for freshness.

When you open a pack of ground coffee, the flavours and scents tend to disintegrate. It is still helpful to use special air-tight containers to preserve the taste for longer. Ultimately, they can't last as long relative to coffee pods.

Easy to Use

Ease of cleanliness is always a benefit when discussing the pros and cons of coffee pods. Most single-serve coffee makers are easy to disassemble and clean from any side.

You just have to deal with the water container being refilled. Ideally, it is better to use filtered water if the unit does not feature one of its own. Be sure to place the right pod into the chute, and you’ll have few maintenance issues to worry about. Furthermore, a regular dish detergent can be useful for keeping the appliances clean.

Variety of Brews that Do Not Require Expertise

With espresso makers, there is an authentic learning curve. Furthermore, you need to learn the exact ingredients you want to plan for the brew.

Espresso, latte, and cappuccino are not all served at the same water temperature. Some brews need warm milk, and others need milk froth. And what is the right proportion for coffee and water?

When you try to change ingredients to discover precisely the best proportions, things get even more difficult. All that guessing is taken out of the equation with coffee pods. You don’t have to worry about the right concentration in which to mix the ingredients for your coffee. The pre-ground coffee and the powdered milk for your brew are already combined in these little pods.

Energy Saver

Anything that saves energy always favours the positive in the pros and cons of coffee pods. Compared to a conventional espresso machine, most coffee pod machines have optimization for low power consumption. In this modern age of green energy, the coffee pods help reduce the amount of energy that goes into making coffee.

This is due to the speedy nature of the machine and the compact size of the pods. Once you press the button, hot water flushes the pod. Ultimately, this process is very quick and saves power down the line. At the end of the year, you’ll end up saving money by using coffee pods.

The Variety and Mass Production

Another outstanding advantage of using coffee pods is the variety on offer. There are some days that you want espresso coffee in the morning. Later on, you may switch to a decaffeinated one in the afternoon.

You can satisfy all of your coffee cravings with less stress. Thanks to the pod method, by buying different blends, you can extend the selection of options on offer. Ultimately, this also helps with mass production.

Ease of Transport

The coffee pod system is also more flexible in operation. Therefore it is suitable for diverse catering practices and outdoor events in particular.

It requires a simple installation process as most of its parts are articulated. You can easily carry them around and use them on the go.

There is an ease of handling when relocating the machine. It has a low weight and compact scale and size that make the movement of the device easy. Hence management and maintenance become simpler.

Cons of Using Coffee Pods

Just like anything else, there are a few downsides to using coffee pods. We have gone over the pros. Now, it is time to look at the cons.

Bear in mind that a disadvantage doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether pods suit your lifestyle or not.

Dissimilarity to the Traditional Espresso

Why do you choose coffee pods? It’s because it very well mimics the taste and flavours of traditional expressions. Nevertheless, coffee made from coffee pods is not the same as a hand-made espresso—particularly not one prepared by a skilled barista.

With daily espresso, you have various parameters that go into its production. Ultimately, you have a much wider variety. Examples are the form of coffee beans, grind coarseness, pressure difference, and much more.

This is a downside, but only if you're very specific about how you want your coffee. If you are more of a connoisseur with a liking for barista-made coffee, you may not. 

Not an art

For a select group of people, coffee making is an art, even from an empirical point of view. Additionally, it is part of many traditions and acts as an important social symbol. It brings people together to socialize as a symbol of hospitality. 

For this category of people, they may end up feeling that coffee pods take the art out of the process. In the reality of things, this is not a downside to buying coffee pods. It all depends on your inclination toward the artistry of a barista.

Upfront costs

The cost of buying coffee pods and associated equipment can be more on the pricey side. It doesn't take long for items to add up. Conversely, packets of 50 pods start from around $50.

Other than the pods, the entire brewing machine starts from about $150. As a result, the upfront cost of getting started in the world of coffee pods is no small thing.  

Using coffee pods won't sound very cheap if you're used to paying less for coffee, particularly when you have to buy a different household appliance for them. However, if you always leave your house to get decent coffee, it may be different. Because after a while the expenditures will reduce. In the end, you’ll save more money to drink coffee.

Single Brew Setting for all Types of Beverages

In terms of the pros and cons of coffee pods, convenience can also become a drawback. Most coffee pod machines are programmed to operate rapidly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the vast majority of single-serve coffee makers have a single setting.

The downside is that the system uses the same extraction process for all coffee types. It uses the same pressure and the same water temperature, regardless of whether you want to drink an americano or a latte frappuccino.

Furthermore, you will have to stop the pump from moving water through the pod in several devices. Ultimately this is to prevent getting the coffee too intense or too diluted.

Specific Vendors

As easy as brewing coffee pods is, buying them is an entirely different matter. There are several online stores for coffee pods. However, it's seemingly difficult to locate unique shops that sell coffee pods which will fit to your taste.

There’s also the issue of online delivery to consider. Having to wait weeks for the delivery of your coffee pods can be an incredibly frustrating experience. As a coffee drinker, the hardest thing is waiting for your pods for weeks.

Using Coffee Pods Without a Machine

It’s possible to be in situation where you have a coffee pod but no machine. Here’s a bonus for you, you can still make coffee with only the pod. Here’s how:

In your Coffee Mug, Put a Pod

You might be able to simply put it in a coffee mug. This depends on the kind of pod you have. Pull the pod from its wrapping to do this and drop it into your cup.

Pour in Your Jug of Boiling Water

Pour hot water gently into the cup. When you are about half an inch from the top of the cup, stop pouring. Be careful not to burn yourself when doing this.

Soak the Pod

Use a spoon to keep the coffee pods under the water, preventing the pod from floating. Stir periodically in the water. Your cup of coffee will not be right if the pod does not soak properly.

After Several Minutes, Remove the Pod.

The strength of the coffee depends on how long the pod is in the water. Hence, before extracting the pod, you should decide how strong you like your coffee.

  • You’ll get a weak cup if you leave the pods in for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • A regular cup of coffee if you leave the pod in for 4 minutes.
  • You'll get a strong cup of coffee if the pod is left in for 5 or 6 minutes.

When you're done with it, dispose of the pod.


That is all you can learn about coffee pods in one go. Throughout this article, we have carefully discussed the pros and cons of coffee pods. With this detailed comparison, you can determine whether or not coffee pods are right for you. 

Remember, there are essential features you need to keep in mind. These are the availability of time, expectations of quality, comfort, and honest level of coffee passion. If you consider it carefully, you can never truly go wrong with coffee pods.

By now, you may be looking for where to buy coffee pods in Canada. Fortunately, you don’t have to look anymore. At Invigo Coffee, through our online stores, we sell quality single-serve coffee pods.

We provide general open system pods that fit into virtually all coffee makers. Additionally, our coffee pods come in vacuum-sealed packs to maintain freshness. Contact us today to learn more.

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