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Pro Tips for Using Coffee Pods

by Invigo Coffee 29 Mar 2021
Coffee pods tips

There are several tips to using coffee pods from individual coffee pod companies. However, some of these tips are never enough. Coffee pods are a great addition to the world of coffee as they bring convenience. But as a coffee lover, the taste of your coffee is equally as crucial as its convenience, if not more. 

Coffee lovers have different ways they love their coffees to taste based on their personal preferences. For example, you may love the taste of a strong coffee where the taste of the coffee is prominent. On the other hand, your friend may prefer coffee where the milk's taste overshadows the taste of the coffee. That’s why, if you notice, most coffee lovers around you will like to make their coffee by themselves. 

There are many ways you can choose to make great coffee from coffee pods. If you have a coffee pod machine, all you need is to buy a compatible coffee pod and brew your coffee. However, if you don’t have a machine, you can consistently brew your coffee to taste after heating water. These are only two of the many methods to brew your coffee pod, and each tastes different.

The coffee pod market is continuously growing in size and market cap. In Canada alone, there has been an enormous sale of more than one billion compostable pods in just three years. The way you’ll make a compostable pod may differ from others, which is why you need to learn how to use coffee pods properly. This article will give you tips for using coffee pods and simple hacks to make your coffee taste better.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Taste of Coffee Pods?

If you are a coffee lover, there are high chances that you have the exact taste you want from your coffee. That taste may have come from the regular coffee shop you visit or maybe a friend. However, you will want to try as much as you can to get that taste when you brew your coffee. But if you’re using coffee pods to brew the coffee, you will need to follow some tips and guidelines. 

Today, in terms of taste, brand, and cost, you have different options when it’s time to buy coffee pods from. However, for each of these brands, there are different brewing methods peculiar to each brand. 

Asides from the brand of coffee pods, several other factors have a long-standing effect on the taste of the coffee. For instance, there are two standard methods of brewing coffee; with or without a coffee machine. If you use a device to make coffee from coffee pods, there’ll be a clear difference from a manual brew.  So you see, many factors can come to play when you use coffee pods.

One of the primary reasons why you’re looking for tips for using coffee pods is to get a better taste. In light of that, here are the factors to consider before using coffee pods;

The type of coffee pod

Due to innovation around the world, there are different types of coffee pods globally. Since the advent of the coffee pods, Canadians dispose of 2.8million coffee pods every day. All these coffee pods have their respective brands, features, and of course, taste. So you can’t just expect a unified taste for all coffee pods.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many types of coffee you can find in most coffee shops. You may see plastic pods or aluminum pods, and in some cases, some manufacturers even mix both. More recently, some brands in Canada created compostable coffee pods for recycling purposes. All these pods have different methods to help you make great coffee from coffee pods. 

The coffee pod brand 

The same way you have different types of coffee pods, there are multiple brands that make coffee pods. These brands have their respective rules, production processes and materials they employ to make coffee pods. These factors always influence the final product, and invariably, the taste of the coffee pods. 

Furthermore, most coffee pod brands try to have a variety of coffee pods to suit different consumers. So, it’s possible to have an aluminum coffee pod from two different brands with different tastes. The difference in taste doesn’t mean one brand is better than the other. It only means they have various constituents.

The mode of brew

Essentially, there are two primary steps to use coffee pods. You may decide to use a coffee pod machine if you have one, and if you don’t, you can brew manually. These two methods should give you similar tastes if you brew under the same conditions. However, it’s almost impossible to get the same coffee taste when you brew coffee pods with different methods. 

When you brew with coffee pod machines, most of the brewing process works automatically. However, you have the liberty to change and alter the machine's settings to give you desired results. On the other hand, when you make coffee with coffee pods manually, you may make some mistakes. As a result, the taste will differ from when you use coffee pod machines. 


As with any other meal, dirt also directly affects the taste of coffee from coffee pods. For example, let’s assume you made coffee with a coffee pod machine and you forgot to clean the machine. When you brew a different coffee with that same machine, there is no way you will get the exact taste you expect. Of course, the flavour will mix up because of the particles of the previous coffee pod.

As such, one of the tips to using coffee pods manually is keeping all utensils clean. Once you use an unclean utensil, that’s when you start to taste some other constituents. Also, for your safety, try as much as you can to keep all materials neat.  

The raw coffee and coffee mix

Yes, coffee pods bring more convenience than the usual ground coffee. However, the principal constituent used to produce coffee pods is the coffee itself. Therefore, the properties of that raw coffee still determine the taste of the coffee pods. 

Also, the way you decide to mix your coffee pods determines the taste of your coffee. For example, let’s assume you love a lot of milk in your coffee. It may seem startling if a friend breeds their coffee without milk. In most cases, this taste difference is the reason you have taste preferences. 

Brew coffee pods

How to Brew Coffee from Coffee Pods

We can’t discuss tips for using coffee pods without examining how to make coffee from coffee pods. There are different methods you can employ to make coffee from coffee pods. All of these methods have their peculiar processes, advantages, and disadvantages. 

In most cases, the brew method you choose depends mainly on the materials you have. If you own a coffee pod machine, you’ll most likely learn how to make coffee with a coffee pod machine first. 

Making coffee manually with coffee pods

Owning a coffee pod machine or any coffee machine at all may seem unnecessary to some coffee lovers. Fortunately, you don’t always need to own a coffee pod machine before brewing coffee with coffee pods. You can consistently brew your coffee manually. This method has its imperfections, but when you understand how to use coffee pods manually, it’s pure bliss. 

A huge advantage that comes with this method is it can be effortless to use. However, this convenience depends on the type of coffee pod you are using. For instance, if you use a coffee pod that dissolves in hot water, it’s straightforward. All you’ll need to do is pour your water over your coffee pod. 

When you want to make coffee from coffee pods manually, you’ll mostly need the following:

  • Cup (mug cup preferably)
  • Hot water
  • Coffee pod

The process of making coffee with coffee pods manually may be easy, but it follows a procedure. Here are some tips you can employ when you’re using coffee pods to make coffee:

  • Clean your coffee cup thoroughly. You don't want any extra particles coming into the mix.
  • While you’re cleaning the cup, make sure you are already heating clean water. 
  • After that, remove all unnecessary packaging on your coffee pod. 
  • Place your coffee pod carefully into your coffee cup. 
  • Pour your hot water into the cup carefully
  • Ensure that your coffee pod sinks all through this process. That affects the taste of the resulting coffee. 
  • Keep stirring the cup of coffee occasionally. 
  • Leave the coffee pod in the mix for a while before you remove it. The longer you keep the coffee pod in the water, the better your coffee will taste. 
  • Remove the pod once you have the desired taste of coffee you love.
  • Extra tip: Dispose of your used coffee pod properly to keep the environment safe.

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Making coffee with a coffee pod machine

If you're totally in search of convenience, then you may want to try making coffee pods with a coffee pod machine. As the name implies, a coffee pod machine is simply a coffee maker that works for coffee pods. 

Some researchers agree that Mellita Vents created the first coffee maker with a paper filter in 1908. However, there are other reports that the first coffee machine is "The Biggin."

Irrespective of which machine was the first, coffee machines brought convenience to the coffee-making process. With the advent of coffee pods, the coffee world needed devices that work with coffee pods. 

As with any machine, the coffee pod machine makes brewing coffee with coffee pods even easier. However, you need to have a tiny bit of technical knowledge to use some devices. While for some others, it's effortless to use. Let's look at how to use coffee pods with a coffee pod machine;

coffee pods machine

What you need

Of course, you can't just walk up to the machine and just get your coffee brewed automatically. You’ll need the following:

  • The coffee pod machine
  • Water
  • A mug
  • The coffee pod
  • An electric source

Fill your coffee pod machine with water

In every coffee pod machine, there's always a water tank or basin. Your first task is to fill up that water tank with enough water. It'll be very annoying if you have to put in water every time you want to make coffee. So, it's better to do this beforehand. 

Likewise, one of the primary tips for using coffee pods to brew coffee is cleanliness. You have to make sure all constituents and tools you use are completely clean. When you're filling the water basin with water, you have to ensure that it is clean. Using distilled water to fill up your machine isn't a bad idea.

When you use clean water, there'll be fewer particles in your water basin. In the long run, that will help your machine function better over a long period. Most machines come with measurements already inscribed. So, you can fill up the device till the water level reaches the peak level. 

Unpack the pod

Of all the tips to using coffee pods, the most obvious one is unpacking the pod. The individual pack is what keeps the coffee pod fresh even after a long period. However, you have to remove that pack before you place the coffee pod in the machine.

While removing the coffee pod from its packaging, you have to be careful. It's pretty easy to damage the whole coffee pod while removing its packaging. What you can do is remove the packaging while following the line. That way, you'll pull out the coffee pod without damaging the coffee pod. 

Insert the coffee pod into the machine

The next step after unpacking your coffee pods is to insert the pod into the coffee pod machine. This is the most vital tip of all the tips to using coffee pods. Of course, the coffee pod machine will need a coffee pod to brew the coffee well.

All coffee pod machines have a compartment where you'll insert the coffee pod. So, all you need to do is to locate this coffee pod compartment and insert your coffee pod. For innovation and aesthetics, different coffee pod machines have these compartments in other locations. So, you may see some coffee pod machines have the case at the back, while some have it in front. 

More so, how you open the coffee pod holder may differ per coffee pod machine. For some, you can manually open the coffee pod holder. While for others, the holder may have a control button to open it. Whichever way, just ensure you insert your coffee pod.

While inserting the coffee pod, you have to do it carefully. That is to prevent any damage to the coffee pod. As long as you are using the right coffee pod and machine, inserting it should be easy. After you have inserted the coffee pod, you can close your coffee pod holder. 

Set your coffee pod machine

The setting of the coffee pod machine is essential to the final brew of coffee you'll get. So, if you get the settings right, you can brew a perfect cup of coffee. If you don't get it right, your coffee may not taste too great. Hence, this is one of the essential steps to use coffee pods machine better.

All coffee pod machines have individual settings and arrangements to follow. These settings and configurations may have their differences per brand or type of device. What you need to do first is to understand the types of setting on your coffee pod machine. That way, you will determine how to set the machine to your desired brew.

For some coffee pod machines, you may have three settings of light, medium, and strong settings. Whichever one of the settings you choose will directly affect the coffee you'll get at the end. For instance, if you select the light-medium, you may get a weak coffee taste. But if you choose the strong setting option, you'll get a strong coffee taste.

Some other machines may not come with this particular type of setting. Other coffee pods may have only water settings in their machine. So, the more water you have in your coffee, the weaker the coffee tastes.

Start the coffee pod machine

You have gone through all the rigorous processes of removing your coffee pods from its pack. You have also put the coffee pod into the machine and adjust the settings. What remains now is to have your coffee in your mug cup. This time, you'll leave the coffee pod machine to do the hard work. 

All you have to do this time around is to start the machine. For some devices, you may see the "brew" button, while some have a "start" button. Whichever one you have, make sure you locate the switch. Once you find it, all you have to do is click or press the button to start. 

The moment you press the button, the machine gets to work. The first thing that happens is the machine puts hot water in your coffee pod. After that, the coffee pod machine releases the coffee into your cup through a tap. The amount of water the device releases relies on the settings you have configured it to. 

Making coffee pods using another coffee machine

Like we mentioned earlier, there are coffee machines that work with only ground coffee. Also, there are coffee machines that can work with both coffee pods and ground coffee. In this guide to using coffee pods, we'll show you how to use coffee pods with a regular coffee maker.

Yes, not all coffee machines can work with coffee pods. But there's a way to still brew your coffee pods coffee with a typical coffee machine. So if you purchased your coffee machine a while ago, you can always use it with your pods. 

There are many vital tips you should note when using this machine to brew your coffee pods. Top of that list is the extra material you'll need — a pod holster. Let's discuss a step by step guide to using coffee pods in regular coffee makers; 

Get a pod holster

If you remember how you brew coffee with coffee pod machines, there's a compartment for the pod. However, it's almost impossible to see this compartment in the usual coffee makers. Of course, they were not created for coffee pods. 

As a result, we'll need an external device to attach to the coffee maker. Mostly the device that does this job well is a coffee pod holster. However, if you have a similar tool that can function well, you can use it. 

There are several types of coffee pod holsters, and each works well with its respective coffee pod machines. So, you need to find out if the pod holster will work with your coffee maker. For some pod holsters, you can get the info on the pack, while for others, you may need to call the manufacturer. This process is the most important of all the tips to using coffee pod holsters. 

Arrange your coffee pod in the holster.

As you should know, you have to place the coffee pod into the holster. As usual, the first step to take is to unpack the coffee pod. Again, please unpack carefully as you can damage the whole coffee pod. 

After you finish unpacking the coffee pod, the next step is to load the holster. Also, you have to place your coffee pod in the holster gently. Usually, you don't need to force the pod into the holster; it should enter quickly. Once you have the coffee pod in the holster, you can close the coffee pod holster.

Put the coffee pod holster into the machine

You may be already wondering how the holster works with your machine. All you need to do is to put the holster in the compartment for your coffee. A regular coffee pod may not have a case for coffee pods. However, it will have a compartment for ground coffee. 

So, what you'll do is to put your coffee pod holster into that compartment. Once again, you have to place the holster carefully into this compartment. If you have the right coffee pod holster, you shouldn't struggle to put it in the compartment. That's why one of the vital tips to using a holster for coffee pods is checking the compatibility.

Set the coffee machine

Since you own a coffee machine,  the chances are high thatyou are a coffee lover. That means you have a taste of coffee that you'll prefer. Also, you most likely have the settings you already use on your machine. The next step after loading the device is to set the machine to your desired setting.

This process is not any different from that of the coffee pod machine. If the settings show low, medium or strong, all you need is to choose one. Also, if it offers a water setting, select your preferred water level.

Brew your coffee

Once you have set everything, all that remains is for you to brew the coffee. As usual, you should have your coffee cup set below the dispensing unit. After that, you can now press the start or brew button on your machine. When you do that, the device mixes the holster with water and serves your coffee in your cup.

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There are many tips to using coffee pods with or without coffee pod machines. With the information in this guide, you can brew your coffee pods perfectly. However, you must understand the kind of coffee pods you buy. 

For your coffee to taste great, the coffee pods must be of great quality. That means you need top-notch coffee pods. At Invigo Coffee, not only do we sell quality coffee pods, we sell coffee machine compatible pods. Check out our online store to buy the best options of coffee pods available today!

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