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Health Benefits: Why Coffee Pods are Good for You

by Invigo Coffee 05 Mar 2021
Health Benefits: Why Coffee Pods are Good for You

The health benefits of coffee pods are part of why they have become so popular. However, as with any new invention, coffee pods often spark debate amongst coffee lovers. While many use coffee pods because of their convenience and comfort, others choose not to use these pods.

Coffee pods are the exact replication of tea bags in teas. So, essentially, you have the perfect mix of coffee all in a filter, paper, and in some cases, cups. So to brew a cup of coffee instantly, you just need one coffee pod and water. As a result, it saves you time, effort and energy.

There are so many pros that come with using coffee pods. And of course, there are some cons to using them too. But when you compare the pros to the cons, the pros outweigh the disadvantages. 

Unfortunately, many arguments do not support coffee pods. For most of these schools of thought, they conclude coffee pods aren't safe for drinking. In most cases, you can trace this conclusion to the regular fear for industry-manufactured products. In some other cases, some coffee lovers don't like coffee pods because they don't want a switch. They have a process they use to brew their coffees, so changing that is a no for them.

However, when you try out coffee pods, you're likely to stick to this method of brewing. Majorly, that happens because of the health benefits of coffee pods. Furthermore, coffee pods don't come in only one flavour or only from one brand. There are so many options to delight your coffee taste buds.

Asides from coming with a variety of flavours and saving time, there are several other benefits of coffee pods. These benefits cut across many spheres of life; from health, to financial, and convenience. In this article, we'll discuss the health benefits of using coffee pods to make coffee. Here are the important details!

What are The Health Benefits of Using Coffee Pods?

The reason why you love coffee pods may differ from the reasons of your friend. For instance, some people prefer to buy coffee pods because it saves their time. For others, coffee pods are the best solution to cutting down on the cost of coffee.

For those who are curious about coffee pods and how they can impact their health, here’s what you need to know:

coffee pods basket

Reduced stress

Before coffee pods, making coffee means you had to go through a long process. You'll have to first discover and gather your fresh coffee beans. After that comes a roasting and grinding process. Needless to say, this process is already a very stressful one. 

After going through the rigour of roasting and grinding, your job is still not over. In most cases, you'll be requiring the skills of a professional coffee maker/ barista. If you don't learn this, you'll not enjoy the final results of your coffee brewing. 

Incredibly, that’s not all. There's still the stress of having to clean where you made this coffee. All of this can start to take a toll on your health. With increased stress, the chances of your falling sick climb exponentially. 

Of course, it's very possible to feel young and energetic enough to go through these processes daily. But it's also great if you remember that stress accumulates in the body over time. So, why stress yourself when you have an easier option?

And that's where the health benefits of using coffee pods come to play. When you buy coffee pods, you do not need to worry about the process of manufacturing. 

Of course, it likely goes through the same production process as ground coffee. But, at the very least, you're not the one doing the hard work. The manufacturer helps you through roasting and making the coffee. 

Also, coffee pod makers proportion their pods to give you a perfect cup of coffee. As a result, all you're doing is buying your coffee pod and making your coffee. That means, walking into a store and getting hot water is all you have to do to brew your coffee with coffee pods. You see, reduced stress is one of the reasons why you should use coffee pods.


One of the primary health benefits of coffee pods is safety. Since the invention of coffee pods, the safety of this product has been a source of controversy. There's a popular but untrue belief that coffee pods are not safe for drinking. 

The carriers of these rumours are either entrepreneurs who make money from ground coffee or people who just believe in making food by themselves. This rumour isn't correct; because coffee pods are safe for drinking.

If you're still in doubt, compare the brewing process for ground coffee with that of coffee pods. First, you have to buy ground beans. Afterwards, you’ll have to roast the beans before the final grinding.

Now, compare this scenario above to using coffee pods. Once you have the coffee pod ready, all you need is hot water. Simply, pick a pod, put it into hot water and wait for it to brew. Now, which one of these processes is likely to be safer?

Of course, the process that just needs you to make your coffee from your comfort zone ensures your safety more. And that's another of the health benefits of coffee pods. Throughout this process, you're not struggling to do any quality control and avoid health contaminants. All you're doing is making your coffee and enjoying the taste. 

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You avoid contamination during production

Aside from the process of using ground coffee being long and strenuous, it's also very exposed. You'll be going through the major parts of this product with your coffee open. As you already know, making coffee in the open leaves a door open for contaminants. And in turn, you also risk drinking contaminated coffee. 

Of course, you may think to yourself "the constituents of coffee pods also go through this process, so what's the fuss about." While you may be correct, you're forgetting that most companies that make coffee pods have safety policies. 

These safety policies are designed to reduce the possibility of contamination. So, one of the health benefits of coffee pods is the safety guidelines that guide the manufacture.

Asides from safety guidelines, there are some processes that manufacturers employ to keep their coffee pod constituents clean. And regardless of your experience, you can't understand these processes perfectly. Therefore, your coffee is safer when companies make it as opposed to you.

No exposure to carbon dioxide

The process of coffee making requires heating and grinding. And one danger that associates itself with heat is carbon dioxide gas.

When you pick your coffee beans, the next thing you need is to roast these coffee beans. During this roasting process, there's a release of harmful carbon dioxide gas. 

Likewise, after the roasting process, you have to grind the roasted coffee beans. Most grinding machines emit carbon dioxide gas. That puts you at double risk of inhaling this carbon dioxide gas. 

However, when you use coffee pods, you can worry less about this harmful gas. While the coffee making may go through these same processes, it has nothing to do with you. That burden is all on the manufacturer. This is one of the health benefits you enjoy when you choose coffee pods.

Reduction of machine-related issues

We can't discuss the health benefits of coffee pods without mentioning injury reduction. Making ground coffee requires heavy human input and heavy machine input. Each one of these machines has its respective methods of operation and function buttons.

In fact, most of the time, it's advisable to contact a professional to help operate these machines. The reason for that advice is because of the complexity of each one of these machines.

If you do not know how to handle these machines well, you risk spoiling the machine and the coffee. 

Another huge risk is getting injuries when you don't know how to use these machines. For example, when you handle a coffee grinding machine wrongly, you can put your hands in the wrong place. Some of the blades are sharp enough to cut your hands without working.

Reducing or escaping this type of risk is one of the most vital health benefits of coffee pods. You need not bother about the process of using these machines. And in turn, you reduce the possibility of getting the resulting injuries. 

No contamination after production

The process of using ground coffee already makes it open to different particles and hands. But that's not the only type of contamination you need to worry about. There's also another chance of your coffee getting contaminated after production. 

Let's assume you go through the production process without contaminating your coffee (this is almost impossible). After that, you pack the coffee into a bowl or paper packs or any other packing medium you choose. During this packing process, there's another chance for particles to contaminate this coffee. 

After you finish packing, the coffee packs are now ready for use. But since this coffee is inside one pack, you have to open the packing medium at every point you need coffee. This means, if you are a coffee lover that takes coffee up to three times a day, you're opening your coffee three times. 

During this process of opening and closing your ground coffee, there's more room for contaminating particles. Sometimes, there may be times when you forget to close the packing medium properly. In cases like that, just one cup of coffee you brew can contaminate the whole batch. Sometimes, this contamination will affect the taste.

However, when you consider the health benefits of coffee pods, the story is different. A pack of coffee pods will give you several coffee pods. That means, when you want to brew your coffee, you only need to take one coffee pod out of the pack. The others will remain sealed and untouched.

That way, you can limit the level of possible contamination to just one coffee pod. There's no way the contamination in one coffee pod can affect the remaining coffee pods. Also, there’s no need to worry when you forget to close your pack of coffee pods.

coffee pods in baskets

No dirt with coffee pods 

Another reason why you should use coffee pods is to reduce dirt. Now, we've been discussing contamination before and after production. While you can classify this contamination as dirt, that's not the context here. The dirt here refers to the mess you get after you make your ground coffee.

Like we mentioned earlier, the process of using ground coffee comes with a lot of mess. The area or machine you use to brew your coffee is always dirty after you make the coffee. That means you have to start another process of cleaning after taking your coffee. If you forget or neglect this cleaning, this dirt will breed harmful germs, which affect your health.

In the case of coffee pods, eliminating the need for any mess is one of the several health benefits of coffee pods. All you're doing is putting your coffee pod in the machine and introducing hot water. So there's no messy process that can put you at risk of germs.


One factor you must consider when choosing to make your coffee yourself is longevity. You need to ask yourself how much time the coffee will last. In most cases, ground coffee doesn't last for too long. That means you went through all that rigour to make coffee that can't last long. 

A primary reason why ground coffee doesn't last is contamination. When you need to brew your coffee with ground coffee, you have to open the pack frequently. When you open these coffee frequently, air and other particles find their way into the coffee. As a result, they can affect the long-lasting property of your coffee. 

That's why experts widely advise that you should keep ground coffee in air-tight containers. That way, you're at least reducing the amount of air that gets in. However, even with the air-tight containers, you can't possibly eliminate all particles. Some particles that will reduce the lasting time of your coffee will still find their way into your coffee.

When you use coffee pods, you need not worry about the lasting property of your coffee. The individual packs of coffee pods are the primary source of many of its health benefits. Because of these individual packs, there is no way that particles in the air can get into your coffee. And a result, your coffee will last longer.

For example, in a case where you're a frequent traveller and a coffee lover. You can travel for weeks without bothering about your coffee pods. However, if it were ground coffee you bought, the taste will dwindle before you return.

Reduced activity

It may go under the reader but one of the health benefits of coffee pods is reducing anxiety. If you are a true coffee lover, then coffee is a very important part of your daily activity. 

Now, the way each day comes always differs from each other. Some days start slowly, while some other days are quick. Also, there are some days when you're under some pressure. 

In this state of anxiety, trying to make coffee from ground coffee isn't advisable. Brewing your coffee with ground coffee by yourself only increases the activity you have to do. And If you don't do it yourself, you have to wait for a little while before taking your coffee. In any case, it's most likely going to increase the level of anxiety you already have.

On the other hand, coffee pods reduce the amount of activity you have to do to get your coffee. That's why one of the health benefits of coffee pods is reducing anxiousness. Since you can get your cup of coffee almost immediately, you won't have to worry about it.

Fewer hands mean fewer germs 

There's no way you will make ground coffee from start to finish all by yourself. Yes, you may have an idea of all the different processes involved. But when you get into it, you'll realize that it's not just about knowledge. The process of making coffee from ground coffee beans requires knowledge, experience, and of course, expertise.

That means you need professionals to help you with the different sections of the production process. For example, you may know how to prepare ground coffee perfectly well. But you may not be able to identify fresh coffee beans very easily or you may not know how to roast these coffee beans. In that case, you can not do without getting more hands to help you with your coffee.

Like you know, our hands carry germs. Now, these experts at coffee production will use their hands. So, when you have different people to help you make coffee, you introduce the possibility of contamination. But in the case of coffee pods, this is a little different.

Of course, producers of coffee pods will also involve experts to help with coffee production. But they will try as much as possible to make the production of coffee pods automatic. And when there's a need to use hands, they make sure it follows safety regulations processes.

Environmentally friendly

A major problem that coffee pod "haters" pick out is the recycling of the coffee pod filter papers. After you brew your coffee the remaining filter paper and constituents become plastic waste. However, this issue is fast becoming a problem of the past. There are now coffee pods you can recycle and repurpose after use.

Asides the recycling, coffee pods are more friendly to the environment when compared to ground coffee. The first thing you need to consider is the process of production. The roasting and grinding process of coffee beans emit carbon dioxide — a harmful gas into the environment. And apart from affecting you directly, it affects every other person close by. 

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Coffee Pods are Great for Your Health

From reducing the possibility of contamination to reducing anxiety and stress, coffee pods come with many benefits for your health. The best part is you don’t have to do a lot to enjoy these benefits. The manufacturer of coffee pods is the entity tasked with making sure they produce excellent coffee pods.

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of coffee pods, you have to buy the best. Here at Invigo Coffee, we can tick that box for you. Our online store is home to a collection of the best coffee pods. Look through our online store today!

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