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Drinking Coffee From Coffee Pods: Best Time of Day to Do So

by Invigo Coffee 21 May 2021
Drinking Coffee From Coffee Pods: Best Time of Day to Do So

As a coffee pod lover, you’d argue the best time to drink coffee from pods is anytime. As long as you feel like drinking coffee, you immediately go ahead to make your brew. For a true coffee pod lover, there's no set time that's the best to drink coffee from pods.

The average coffee lover starts their day with a cup of coffee. So, in most cases, you may find yourself waking up and heading straight for your coffee. This may seem like a cool routine. But according to researchers, it isn't the best for your health. 

That doesn't mean taking coffee from coffee pods has negative effects on your health. Also, it doesn't mean drinking coffee from coffee pods in the morning is an abomination. It only means coffee has some constituents that aren't too great if you are just waking up. 

You may want to ask; when is the best time to drink coffee from coffee pods? The correct answer is anytime because you can drink your coffee anytime. However, because of some constituents present in coffee from pods, it's safer to drink coffee at the optimum time. That way, you can be certain the coffee is doing its job at the right time.

In this guide, we'll show you the best time of the day to use coffee pods. Also, we'll provide an in-depth analysis of the reasons to drink coffee at this particular time. After that, we'll describe some of the compounds present in coffee and how they can affect you. 

Drinking Coffee from Pods in the Morning

Every morning, you wake up needing that extra boost and energy to carry on with the day. For you, that time may seem like the best time to take coffee from pods. However, it's important to also do research and ask questions. One question you should ask is should I drink coffee from pods in the morning?

To start with, drinking coffee in the morning is not a bad idea in any way. It's perfectly okay if you decide to drink your coffee from pods in the morning. However, the time within which you're drinking coffee is very essential. The reactions of your body toward coffee will differ at various times in the morning. 

As you know, the morning starts at 12:01 am and ends at 11:59 am. If you are awake between the hours of 12 midnight and three, it means you're a late sleeper. However, if you're not a late-night sleeper, you may sleep before/on 10 pm. When you do this, you may wake up between the hours of five and seven in the morning. 

As a coffee pod lover, odds are the first activity of your day is to brew your preferred coffee pod immediately. While you think that's cool, it's not exactly the best time to enjoy coffee from coffee pods. 

When you wake up in the morning, a lot is going on within your body system. Bringing coffee into the mix may disrupt these morning processes. Let's take a look at what happens within your body system in the morning.

What happens within your body system?

First off, your body system also has a clock it obeys. This clock is the circadian rhythm and many factors can influence it. A perfect example is during the daytime and nighttime. When you see the sun, you’ll feel more active. However, when the sun sets, your body starts to feel a little bit more relaxed. 

The circadian rhythm stays active throughout the day in your body system. Also, it affects and determines the schedule for many processes in your body system. When you're hungry or maybe sleepy, you can trace these feelings to the schedule. This schedule also affects the way your body system will produce hormones for your body. 

One important hormone your body system should produce is cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone in your system responsible for your alertness and focus. So, when you feel very energized, your cortisol levels are high. However, even though it's a great hormone, cortisol is also a stress hormone.

So, while it may make you alert, it can also make you anxious. Cortisol also helps in the regulation of your body's metabolism. Also, this hormone influences your blood pressure and the activities of the immune system. 

When cortisol becomes too much in your body system, it comes with health consequences. According to Mayo, the consequences may be as deadly as heart diseases, anxiety and depression. So, it's always better to try your best to keep your cortisol hormones at their normal rate. One way to maintain this is to drink coffee from pods at the best time.

Firstly, the cortisol hormone in your body system is at its highest levels when you first wake up. As you very well know, a cup of coffee from pods has caffeine content in it. This caffeine content can directly increase the level of cortisol in your body. So, the best time to drink coffee from pods is not immediately after you wake up.

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Drinking Coffee from Coffee Pods in the Afternoon

There are some moments in the afternoon where you feel mentally stressed and tired. Most times, that period may seem like the best time to brew and drink coffee from pods. When you drink coffee at this time, it has the effect of rejuvenating and boosting your energy levels. However, it doesn't mean the afternoon is the best time of the day to use coffee pods.

The reason why it may be unsafe for you to take coffee pods in the afternoon is still because of the cortisol hormone. Yes, we’ve mentioned earlier that the cortisol hormone is at its highest levels when you wake up. So, why is cortisol still hindering you from taking coffee from coffee pods in the afternoon? 

The fact that cortisol reaches its highest levels in the morning doesn't mean it never gets high during the day. There are some times in the afternoon where the cortisol level also reaches high levels. 

Sure, the cortisol level at these times may not be as high as morning levels. However, it’s still not the best time to drink coffee from pods. Cortisol levels in the body system rise in the afternoon between the hours of 12 noon and 1 pm. As such, trying to brew your coffee pods within this period is not a healthy practice for you. When you drink coffee from coffee pods at this period, it's unsafe. 

What happens when you drink at this period is your body builds tolerance against the cortisol produced by the caffeine. 

Also, some experts believe you shouldn't drink coffee once it's past 2 pm. Mostly, you can trace this assertion from the experts to the caffeine content in coffee pods. They believe this caffeine content will affect your sleep at night.

Some other reports back up the claim from these experts. Some of these reports opine that coffee from pods can influence your sleep negatively for about six hours after use. 

Other reports also claim the caffeine content from coffee pods may remain active in your body for up to twelve hours. Going by this school of thought, the best time to drink coffee from pods may not be in the afternoon. 

Drinking Coffee from Pods at Night

Of course, many people know the caffeine content in coffee may not be great for nighttime. But there are times at night when you want to stay awake to do some important activities. At these times, you should find out if it’s too late to drink coffee from coffee pods.

If you want to do some work and you drink coffee at night, maybe you have a viable reason. But if you're just a coffee lover who wishes to take coffee at night, you may be doing something wrong. According to Science Direct, drinking coffee at night is not advisable if you want to settle in for the night. So, if you're thinking of when to drink coffee from coffee pods, it shouldn't be at night. 

Mostly, science researchers carry out studies to contradict each other. That's why you'll see a research claiming a fact today and another disagreeing with that same fact. However, in the case of drinking coffee at night time, there's no contradiction. All researches synchronize against taking coffee at night time.

Comprehensive NCBI research shows taking coffee at night supplies your body with caffeine that affects you. This research says the effect of caffeine in your body can last as long as six hours. For instance, if you have a plan to sleep at 11:30 pm, for instance, you should drink your coffee by 5 pm. 

There's another hormone called melatonin which has the opposite function of cortisol. This hormone is the one responsible for any sleepy feelings you have at any point. When you take coffee from pods, the caffeine in the coffee may reduce hormone production by forty minutes. That's why the best time to drink coffee from pods can't be close to your bedtime.

When's the Best Time to Enjoy Coffee Pods?

We have analyzed the reaction of coffee during the different time zones present in each day. For each of these time zones, there's a specific time that won't be best to enjoy coffee pods. However, as a coffee lover, it's not possible to just tell you to abstain from taking coffee. All you just need to do is to find the optimum time at which drinking coffee is right for you. 

With all of these facts stated above, it may be confusing to know when exactly to take coffee pods. "Should I drink coffee from coffee pods in the morning or afternoon? Or is it too late to drink coffee from pods? These are some examples of the questions that you'll ask if you follow the guide above.

Most articles you'll find on the internet will advise you to take coffee in the late mornings. That'll be between the hours of maybe 10:30 am and 11:45 am. This suggestion comes from an assumption that many people wake between 6:00 am and 8:00 am. That means cortisol hormone levels will be high between 9:00 am and 10:00 am.

In that case, drinking coffee between these hours will only increase the cortisol levels. So, if your day normally starts between 6:00 am and 8:00 am, you can follow the advice. This means the late hours of the morning are the best time for you to drink coffee from pods. 

While the late morning school of thought makes sense, there’s still a slight disagreement. We believe your natural sleeping pattern and circumstance should determine when to drink coffee from coffee pods. 

For instance, you may prefer to sleep late in the night because you prefer to work at those times. This means your highest cortisol levels won't occur at the same time as someone who sleeps during the night. Let's take a look at different sleep patterns and how they determine the best time to drink coffee from coffee pods.

If you're a late-night sleeper

As human beings, the way we operate differs from the next person. It's possible someone like you loves to stay awake all night, while your family can't. That's why you see people conclude they're either a morning or night person. That means you can buy coffee pods in Canada during the daytime but not brew until nightfall. 

If you are a night person, it means you don't tend to sleep early. As humans, we naturally expect that we should sleep during the night hours. That means most people sleep when the day is dark, usually between 8 pm and 6 am. However, as a night person, this period may be your most active period. This sleep pattern will affect your daily activities and, of course, cortisol production. 

As a nightcrawler, you can take coffee at late hours without it having adverse effects. Remember, we mentioned that the caffeine content in coffee stays for up to six hours after you brew the coffee. Since you plan to stay awake for a while, the caffeine content has enough time to take effect and fade. As a result, the best time to drink coffee from pods for a night person may be late in the night.

Some students at Stanford University confirmed this school of thought through their research work. They found that the negative influence of late-night coffee was experienced by morning people. These effects reduced significantly for people who sleep late. However, this research work is still in its infancy and isn't yet concrete enough to support this claim. 

If you're an early sleeper

In the same way some people prefer to work at night, some people prefer to work during the day. In most cases, this category is where many people fall under. Most people tend to rise rarely and sleep quite early. 

Most of the time, if you sleep early there's a high chance you'll wake up early. For instance, let's assume your normal sleeping period is always between 8 pm and 9 pm every day. There's a great chance you'll wake up between the hours of 6 am and 7 am. You may feel a bit drowsy at these points, but at least you’ll be awake. 

That drowsy feeling you have is enough temptation for you to want to brew your coffee. But remember, that's not how to enjoy your coffee pods. If you want to enjoy your coffee pods optimally, you need to wait for a few hours. So, maybe 10 am or 11 am will be a great time to brew that coffee. 

Like we mentioned earlier, the cortisol hormone in your body system is at its highest when you wake up. When you take caffeine immediately, it will increase the level of cortisol in your system. So, instead of acting for your body positively, it starts to have adverse effects. Some of these effects may cause deadly diseases in the future.

If you're losing weight

There are many reasons why you may want to drink coffee from pods at the best time. For you, it may be because of the great soothing taste that comes with a cup of coffee. Many people take their coffee from pods to help them stay active. In that same vein, other folks want to take coffee with the hope of weight loss.

Some write-ups and reports online believe coffee can help with weight loss. There's a study review that believes caffeine in coffee can boost weight loss efforts. However, this same research doesn't particularly answer all the 'how' questions. 

According to Healthline, coffee gives you more energy to engage in weight loss exercises. So, if you're thinking of the best time of day to enjoy coffee from pods, choose a time close to your regular exercise timelines. 

If you're writing exams

The pressure of writing exams, both international or local, can be substantial. At this point, you may have no option but to turn to supplements to keep you awake and active. 

While this is not the wisest academic decision, it's sometimes necessary to take those steps. Because at some point, it's better to stay awake and not understand quickly than to sleep for too long. 

For example, let's assume you and a group of friends have to write a professional exam together. This exam may be tough, but because you are not within the four walls of a college, you make preparations with levity. So, when it's only one week before the start of these exams, you all start reading intensively. At this point, you will all be looking for the best supplement to keep you active. 

At that kind of time, any time always seems like the best time to drink coffee from pods. However, some researchers have shown interest in studying the effects of coffee during exams. Luckily, a study confirmed coffee has its benefits for early morning exams. However, the study shows coffee has little or no effect on exams that fall in the afternoon.

However, if you want to take coffee before an exam, you have to be mindful of the quantity and time. First, you shouldn't take too much coffee too close to the exam period. Research shows you can take 200mg of coffee at first rise, then wait for another four hours before taking the same amount of coffee.

If you're exercising

When you're trying to work out to keep fit and stay healthy, you need a lot of motivation. This motivation is what will keep you disciplined and ensure you enjoy the best results from your expertise. One trusted supplement you can try is coffee from coffee pods. But you should ask if workout time is the best time to drink coffee from pods.

Like you know, there's caffeine content in coffee from pods. This makes it an active drink. As a result, coffee from pods is great if you want to exercise. There are so many studies and research publications that prove coffee from pods can help with your exercise routine. 

Some of these studies agree it helps you to build the strength of your muscles. Some other researchers conclude when you drink coffee from coffee pods, you can work out for longer. So you see, coffee pods have many benefits if you're working out.

However, as usual, you need to take cognizance of the time you're taking the coffee pods. The best time to drink coffee from pods for work out is within an hour before workout. That's the optimum time when your caffeine levels will be at their highest. 

Health Benefits of Coffee Pods

As you can see in the guide above, finding the best time to drink coffee from pods is complex. You may think since coffee isn't ideal all the time, why do experts recommend coffee? Well, the truth is coffee isn't just a beverage. It also has medicinal properties. So, aside from enjoying the great taste, many health benefits come with drinking coffee.

As long as you don't take too much coffee because of the great taste, you're safe. Also, once you take this beverage at the optimum period, you're safe. Health benefits of coffee include: 

  • Coffee can help you reduce the possibilities of having cancer by about 20%
  • When you consume between two and four cups of coffee at optimal times daily, you reduce the possibilities of type-2 diabetes. Most times, you reduce it by between 30% and 42%.
  • Coffee helps to make your blood flow and circulate better, which will, in turn, make your body and skin stay fresh.
  • Coffee helps to reduce the possibility of contracting Parkinson's disease by 30%.
  • Coffee will also help you reduce the possibility of getting heart disease by up to 5%.

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The best time to drink coffee from pods relies totally on your daily routine. The constituents of coffee like caffeine make it an active drink that can keep you up for six hours. So, you shouldn't be drinking coffee at a time when you know you'll want to sleep.

In the same way, due to cortisol levels, you shouldn't take coffee immediately after you wake up. It's a common mistake amongst coffee lovers to brew their coffee from pods immediately after waking up. 

While this will make you active, it's unsafe because of your high cortisol levels at that time. Hence, it’s always better to wait for a few hours after you wake up before taking your cup of coffee. 

Drinking coffee from coffee pods is not just about knowing the best time of the day to drink coffee from coffee pods. You should also ensure you’re drinking coffee made from high-quality coffee pods. Here at Invigo Coffee, we can help you tick that box.

Our collection of coffee pods go through a rigorous manufacturing process. The result is coffee pods of the highest possible quality and taste. Look through our collections today!

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