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Cost of Coffee Pods vs Ground Coffee: A Comparison

by Invigo Coffee 03 Mar 2021
Cost of Coffee Pods vs Ground Coffee: A Comparison

Since the invention of coffee pods, there’s been an unending debate on the subject of coffee pods vs ground coffee. If you’re not a coffee lover, you may see this debate as unnecessary. 

That’s because you do not even notice the difference in the taste of both coffee types. But if you are a coffee lover, you will either prefer to drink coffee pods or ground coffee. 

Truth be told, coffee pods have been a great innovation. However, as great and innovative as it is; it ushered in some controversies to the coffee-making system. Back in the day, to make your coffee, you had to dry coffee beans, before a grinding and tamping process. However, with coffee pods, the process is now fast, and easier.

The question you may want to ask is “if it’s faster and easy, why are there now arguments?” Well, everyone has a right to their opinions and preferences. 

The reason some people dislike coffee pods is because of how fast they become popular. While some other people do not like coffee pods because they affected the sale of regular espresso. 

If we’re all going to be very honest, coffee pods have brought convenience to coffee making. If you are in the business of making coffee, you can never argue on the subject of coffee pods vs ground coffee. That’s primarily because you know the convenience and comfort that these coffee pods bring to your business. 

When coffee lovers discuss coffee pods vs ground coffee, one factor they always mention is safety and taste. Many believe the processing of coffee pods affects the taste of its resultant coffee. Of course, the taste between coffee pods and ground coffee is not the same. And the process of making both types of coffee differ. 

Another pain point of the coffee pods vs ground coffee debate is the cost implications of both. Now, while the cost is relative to the brand and location, there will always be that average price range.  However, for both types of coffee brews, you can save money when you buy in bulk. So when you’re discussing the cost of coffee pods vs ground coffee, you need to find bulk costs. 

The cost comparison between coffee pods and ground coffee is the primary focus of this article. We hope to show you explicitly, the different prices of both coffee costs and the factors that affect these prices. 

But before that, we’ll start with a brief overview of both coffee pods and ground coffee. In this overview, we’ll explain some advantages of both coffee pods and ground coffee before comparing their costs. 

What Are Coffee Pods and Ground Coffee? 

Before clicking on this article, there’s a high chance you know what coffee pods are. However, before we compare coffee pods vs ground coffee, it is wise to get a clear understanding of both. Moreso, many coffee lovers mistake coffee pods for coffee capsules. So, these are more than enough reasons to define coffee pods again.

If you take tea from tea bags, then you have a visual idea of coffee pods. Coffee pods are essentially the equivalent of teabags in teas. On the other hand, ground coffee as the name implies is the finished product of ground coffee beans.

In the case of coffee pods, they launched in the 1970s too. And since this invention, making coffees has become easy. What's more interesting is the consistency of the tastes of these pods. Let's take a look at some advantages of coffee pods over ground coffee. 

What are The Benefits of Coffee Pods?

The only reason why innovation will spread that fast is its benefits. And this has been the case for coffee pods. There are several benefits you stand to enjoy when you buy coffee pods. Some of them are;

Convenience and comfort

The major benefit coffee pods have vs ground coffee is the convenience. With ground coffee, you have to go through a tedious process before you get the final coffee product. And it's only after you do that, that you can begin to brew your coffee.

On the other hand, coffee pods just require water. And if you’ll be using a coffee pods machine, it only takes the press of a button. So, as an entrepreneur in the coffee industry, using coffee pods for your machines brings convenience. And if you make coffee in your home, coffee pods are comfortable to make indoors. 


If you're someone who gets up to work early, coffee pods will save you time. Just imagine when you have a 7 am appointment and you want to make some coffee. Surely, you won't consider whether to buy coffee pods or ground coffee. All that will be on your mind is the fastest way to get coffee. 

In the scenario above, opting for coffee pods is the best option you have. That's because you're sure you'll get your coffee within a few minutes. This is in stark contrast to when you have to go through the daunting process of preparing and tamping ground coffee. 

So, when next you compare the cost of coffee pods to ground coffee; know that coffee pods save more time. And, time is money! 

Taste consistency

If you're a coffee lover who visits coffee shops regularly, then you'll know baristas. Baristas are specialists in the process of making coffee commercially. As much as coffee baristas try their best; there'll be some bad days. And on these bad days, the taste of their coffee will be equally bad. 

We can't blame that mistake on these professionals. Of course, they enrolled for professional training, but they're still human. That means mistakes will always occur from time to time. 

Also, when you examine the process of ground coffee production; you'll agree it's a complex process. But even if you don't have that training, coffee pods cancel out all forms of mistakes. That's because your human input is nothing more than pressing a button. So you see, you get the exact coffee every time you use that coffee pod machine.


One other great feature of coffee pods is the long-lasting feature. You can still taste the flavour and smell the aroma of coffee pods even after months of production. That's because the constituents of these coffee pods stay fresh inside their respective bags. But for ground coffee, it loses its freshness the moment you open it.

However, it's always advisable to keep your ground coffee in an airtight container. It's safer for ground coffee. But for coffee pods, it retains your desired quality for more than seventeen months. In terms of quality and taste, freshness over time coffee pods fare better than ground coffee.

Environmentally friendly

With coffee pods, you do not have to clean your coffee machine tirelessly. And with that, you save lots of money, because it reduces the services of the barista that you need.  That's because the whole process for coffee-making is now simple. 

When you hire a barista to make coffees with a coffee machine, there's a need for a lot of cleaning. The mess that comes with the traditional process of coffee brewing means you have to clean a lot. But with coffee pods, all you have to do is slot in your pods and start brewing. 

A coffee pod has all the components within a ground coffee. So, when you want to use a coffee machine with coffee pods, all you need is water. On the other hand, ground coffee will need professional hands to brew coffee. 

What are the Disadvantages of Coffee Pods?

It's normal for innovation to come with challenges. That's the same case with coffee pods. Although it's a beautiful innovation, there are a few disadvantages. And if we're going to compare coffee pods vs ground coffees fairly, we must discuss these disadvantages. Some of which are; 

Recycling problems

A primary problem of coffee pods is the recycling problem. When you use coffee pods, the disposal may become a challenge. That's because once all the constituents of the pod extracts, the remnants become plastic waste. And as you know, these plastic wastes become harmful in the long run. 

Of course, many brands come up with more innovative styles of coffee pods to reduce this waste. But because these pods are going into hot water, the materials need resilience. As a result, the materials need to be strong enough to withstand this heat. And in most cases, it's hard to recycle such materials.

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Taste constraints

As you already know, you can only get coffee pods prepared from the factory. That means you do not influence the flavour and taste. Therefore, you have to settle for the limited flavours of coffee pods available. 

What is The Cost of Coffee Pods?

Truth be told, you can’t estimate the cost of coffee pods casually. The cost of coffee pods depends on several factors like the brand and size of the pods.

Averagely, the cost of coffee pods ranges from $6.95 to $9.95 per 12 pack. And on Amazon, you'll see a 50-pack coffee pod selling for about $28. And if you gauge the cost implication of coffee pods yearly, it costs over $700.

The next question you want to ask; is the cost of coffee pods worth it? From our opinion and experience; yes it is. Of course, the prices may seem too high at first, but when you think of the benefits, it becomes cost-effective. Let's list out some reasons why the cost of coffee pods is with it:

  • You save time and energy
  • It saves the money of hiring a coffee barista
  • It lasts long with or without preservation
  • Taste consistency

The prices of coffee pods may change from time to time and at different locations. This is the influence of the following factors:

The type of coffee pods

A primary influence on the cost of coffee pods is the type of coffee pods you're buying. When you talk about type, you can divide them into different categories. One represents the brand of coffee pods you choose,  while another means the features of the coffee pods.

Different coffee pod companies produce their own product variants. Each of these companies has a special formula that will affect the taste and consequently, the cost of their coffee pod products.

Coffee-drinking frequency 

Another factor that affects coffee pods pricing is the amount of coffee you or your family drinks. If you're a coffee-lover, there's a high chance you take coffee twice daily. Now if you come from a family of 4 coffee lovers, that means your family takes eight cups per day.

In that kind of situation, the total coffee pod pricing will increase. Now that doesn't mean coffee pods are expensive, it only means your coffee consumption is high. So, you have no “moral” right to blame the high prices of coffee pods.

Lasts longer and stays fresher

If you have experience of both coffee pods vs ground coffee, you'll agree that coffee pods last longer. In most cases, coffee pods come in different packs. Each one of these packs has different coffee pods. 

Because of the packing style of these coffee pods, they stay fresh for months after the first opening. So, a coffee lover that travels frequently has nothing to fear. Your coffee pods ensure you come back months after and meet the same great taste.

Store and location

In most cases, when you want to buy coffee pods, you buy from local or online stores. Now, the reputation of these stores has a huge effect on the cost of coffee pods. For example, some of these shops sell only luxury items, and as such, have higher prices. When you buy your coffee pods from these stores, you can expect to pay more.

Likewise, your location also plays a huge role in the coffee pods’ pricing. If you're buying from an online store, you may have extra delivery charges. And if you're buying from a local store, the same thing applies. The location of the store has its effects on the prices you'll see.

Coffee machine

If you love coffee, you can make it manually by using hot water in your pod. But for your convenience purposes, you can decide to buy a coffee machine. They may not cost too much, but they add to the pricing of your coffee pods.

However, the whole purpose of coffee pods is to bring you more convenience. As a result, ensuring that convenience is 100% with coffee machines is the best option. Since it’s a one-time purchase, all you have to worry about moving forward is the water in the machine.

Features of coffee pods

Some coffee pods come in a regular transparent paper filter. While some others come in cups. In the case of cups, some coffee pod brands make their cups reusable. Reusable cups may reduce the effect of plastic waste damage on the environment. But it may also slightly affect the pricing for coffee pods. 

In most cases, the prices of these coffee pods may seem higher at the first instance. But in the long run, these coffee pod types still end up saving you money. That's because you can reuse your coffee pod cup for your next purchase or another purpose. 

What is The Cost of Ground Coffee?

One similarity coffee pods have vs ground coffee is the cost estimate. Just like with coffee pods, the prices of ground coffee also have different ranges. And they depend on several factors like your degree of coffee intake. Likewise, the brand of ground coffee plays a major role in the prices. 

The pricing method of ground coffee depends on the weight of the ground coffee. And on average, the cost range for ground coffees is between $6 to $10 per lb. You may want to ask: why are coffee pods more expensive than ground coffee? We'll find out in the comparison section below.

If you're contemplating whether to buy coffee pods or ground coffee, you must understand the factors that affect both markets. Some of the factors that influence coffee pod pricing also affect ground coffee prices.

Amount of coffee intake

As a coffee lover, you can decide to take as many cups as you want daily. Of course, this heavy intake will increase the amount of coffee you need. And in turn, this will affect the price of ground coffee you buy. 

For example, let's assume you take four cups of coffee daily. You'll spend two times more than the average coffee lover that drinks two coffee cups daily. This means the price of your ground coffee increases because of your intake level.


There are different retailers and manufacturers of ground coffee all over the globe. Now, each one of these producers has its respective specifications and production process. And these factors play an instrumental role in the pricing of ground coffee.

Before you can confirm if coffee pods are more expensive than ground coffee, you have to confirm the brands. If you are buying ground coffee from a bigger brand, it may cost more than you originally expected. 

There's a common but wrong mentality people have when comparing the cost of coffee pods vs ground coffee. They widely believe that it undergoes minimal processing, and that's why it's cheaper. However, that’s not true.

Every company that makes ground coffee will charge you for the cost of production. So, the price range of ground coffee depends on the brand.

Coffee bean or ground coffee

Some people prefer to make their meals with their hands by themselves and for themselves. If you're under this category, you may want to buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee. In this situation, you'll undergo the whole production process by yourself. That means you'll pick each bean and grind accordingly. 

While this process is tedious, it's a matter of decision. However, a mistake you'll make is to conclude that coffee pods are more expensive than ground coffee. Of course, you're buying raw coffee beans at a relatively cheap price. But you should also factor in the cost of your time and strength. 

To grind your coffee beans by yourself, you'll need tools and expertise. The primary tool you'll need is a coffee grinder. On average, the cost of a grinder is ranging between $20 to $30. And of course, this cost will affect the overall price of ground coffee.

Production process

When you're comparing the cost of coffee pods vs ground coffee, an important factor in production. Before you can have ground coffee as a finished product, the manufacturer goes through a careful manufacturing step. In most cases, the first step is to get the raw coffee beans. After that, you can go ahead to start roasting the coffee beans.

After roasting, you have the liberty to start brewing your coffee from the roasted coffee beans. However, it has its challenges. If you want to go further to create ground coffee, you have to grind the roasted coffee beans.

This whole process is what produces that finished product — ground coffee. And each coffee bean company has no option but to charge you for its production process. 

What is The Cost of Coffee Pods vs Ground Coffee?

Now, you know the cost implications of buying coffee pods vs ground coffee. But we still need to properly analyze these costs. From the cost ranges above, it's obvious that coffee pods are more expensive than ground coffee. However, it depends on how you're looking at the price. 

First; think of coffee cups as buying your new sneakers and wearing them immediately. But think of ground coffee as buying the components of that sneakers, and going to make it yourself. The high prices you notice with coffee pods already cater to the total production. But in the case of ground coffee, the production process is not over. 

In our opinion, we believe buying coffee pods is more cost-effective than buying ground coffee. Although the prices of coffee pods vs ground coffee may be higher at the first instance. The features make up for that time in the future. 

Let's analyze the respective costs of coffee pods and ground coffee in line with some factors:


Firstly, let's compare the cost of coffee pods vs ground coffee in terms of convenience. From the whole production process of ground coffee, there are elements of inconvenience. That aside, when you finally have your ground coffee, you still undergo another process to brew coffee. 

On the other hand, with coffee pods, you worry less about the production process behind them. And even when you want to brew the coffee, all you need is a button push. And boom, your fresh coffee awaits you. 


There's a funny conclusion among lovers of ground coffee lovers about product safety. They believe these products are safe because they don't undergo machine processing. According to Science Direct, ground coffee has high contamination possibilities. 

It's quite easy for dirt and contaminants to be present in coffee beans. And when you grind them together, you will have these bacteria in your coffee. That's not the case when you compare the cost implication of coffee pods vs ground coffee.

For coffee pods, there's less human input, which cancels out all human germs. Likewise, you do not have to go through a process to brew. These minimal human activities around your coffee make it safer. 

Human capital

Another necessary comparison between coffee pods vs ground coffee is the human capital. For coffee pods, what you're buying is a finished product. All you need to do is pour hot water and enjoy your coffee. The story is quite different with ground coffee.

You need human resources from the beginning of the production process till when you drink coffee. A human being will first pluck and sort out the coffee beans. Then, another will roast that same coffee beans to the right taste. After that, another person will have to grind the roasted coffee beans. Then finally, someone has to brew the coffee.

In many cases, it's hard to find that one person that can do all these from start to finish. So, let's assume you have to pay all of these different professionals. That will amount to a very high cost of human capital. You'll agree that the cost implications of coffee pods vs ground coffee are better.


In terms of long-lasting quality, coffee pods fair better than ground coffee. Each coffee pod comes in its respective packages while ground coffee comes as a whole pack. So, when you open a pack of coffee pods, you can take one while leaving the remaining coffee pods fresh. 

However, when you open your pack of ground coffee, the remaining can suffer contamination. The reason for that is the exposure to air. You may claim that you'll keep the ground coffee well covered. But there's no way it'll stay fresh for months if you drink coffee regularly. So before you ask if the cost of coffee pods is worth it, think of its long-lasting feature. 

Taste Quality

When you freshly make ground coffee, the taste is marvellous no doubt. But after a little while, there's an equally marvellous decline in that great taste. That's primarily because it's prone to contamination after a while.

Another cause of this taste decline is moisture. When ground coffee comes in contact with water, the coffee oil begins to dilute. And that will have a direct effect on the taste and smell of ground coffee. This moisture challenge is absent in the case of coffee pods.

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If you're a coffee-lover, you have a right to compare coffee pods vs ground coffee. And it's also okay to have your preference between both. We have analyzed their respective costs and production processes above. And from that, we expect you to already prefer coffee pods to ground coffee.

If you prefer to process your coffee yourself, you can opt for ground coffee. But if you want convenient processes, it's better to opt for coffee pods.

Here at Invigo Coffee, we are home to a collection of the best tasting coffee pods in Canada. Check through our online store today!

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