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Why are Coffee Pods Popular in Canada?

by Alex Bider 08 Feb 2021
Why are Coffee Pods Popular in Canada?

Why are coffee pods so popular? All of a sudden, these handy pods are everywhere. Coffee is an age-old beverage with health benefits and aromatic perks. Typically, coffee has always been made from coffee beans that go through a roasting process. However, coffee pods have totally revolutionized this normal. 

Coffee pods were seen as something of a novelty upon their initial arrival. The first coffee pods and the machines to use them hit the market a couple of decades ago. These pods were an entirely new concept at the time. Furthermore, they were also a somewhat exclusive commodity. Ultimately, as were the devices that you will require to put them to use.

Fast forward to over a decade later, and millions of people worldwide are 100 percent dependent on coffee pods and machines today. They just can't imagine going back to an age when there weren't coffee capsules. Even though others will tell you that it is not “real” coffee. For most, if you don't brew a cup of coffee the old-fashioned way from scratch, it’s no go.

So, why have coffee pods risen to such a huge success? What do coffee capsules offer that goes above and beyond the conventional coffee brewing approach? In this article, you will gain insight into the world of coffee pods. Eventually, you will understand the world’s newfound obsession with it.

What Are Coffee Pods?

Before we dive into why coffee pods are so popular, let’s learn about them. It’s time for you to know what all the fuss is about.

Coffee pods are small one-serve cups that contain specially processed pre-ground coffee. Usually, the smaller versions of coffee pods may exist in bags, just like teabags. Furthermore, coffee pods always come entirely sealed.

The coffee from the pod comes out of the machine at the perfect beverage temperature. This enables you to immediately experience it, all with the push of a button. Coffee pod devices have a variety of temperature settings. Furthermore, this encourages you to pick the optimal drinking temperature for you.

The coffee pods undergo sealing in the presence of nitrogen ensuring their freshness and longevity. You have to ensure you check the seal whenever you buy coffee pods. If there is a breach, then you will have a flawed product. Such compromise will prevent you from getting the best from your coffee pod.

Benefits of Coffee Pods

The benefits of these pods equally contribute to why coffee pods are so popular. Coffee pods possess the natural pros of traditional coffee but with a few extra bonuses. Here is a list of the benefits of coffee pods.

  • It does not require professional skills to use
  • Coffee stays fresher for longer
  • Less cleaning and less wastage
  • They are straightforward to use
  • It is less stressful due to the lack of use of a grinder
  • It offers a wide variety of options
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Brews are consistent
  • It is easy to maintain

Why are Coffee Pods Popular in Canada?

The advantages of coffee pods are numerous. They are already taking over as the premier choice in various aspects of life. Once seen as an inferior and cheaper means of getting coffee, coffee pods are changing the landscape.

So why are these coffee pods so popular nowadays? What is different now about them that weren’t prevalent years ago? We will do a deep dive into the importance and significance of coffee pods in this section.


The beauty of technology is its ability to make things easier for us over time. This is also prevalent in coffee pod technology. Due to its simple packaging and ease of use, coffee pods allow you to brew in no time.

A traditional coffee machine usually requires a form of manual physicality to operate. You may have to pour in the coffee grounds and crush them yourself. This can be tedious and cumbersome. Ultimately, there is a considerable amount of stress that takes place in this process.

However, with coffee pods, all you have to do is insert the pod into the machine. Next, you push a button and relax while the machine does the work. It makes it easy for you to multitask when brewing your coffee. 

For example, you may be making breakfast before work. Therefore, while you toast your bread, you can be brewing your coffee at the same time.

Automation is ideal for making life easier. The coffee pods tap into the perks of modern technology to offer you coffee on the go. Once you start with coffee pods, you will not feel the need to return to the grinder.

Energy Saver

Coffee pod machines are great savers of energy usage. The process for brewing the coffee is compact and preset. Everything is usually done in the shortest possible amount of time.

Therefore, you will less energy over a long period and in small bursts. Unlike a traditional espresso machine, this has a more general sense of operation. Coffee pods minimize the output of power through the use of hot water to flush the pods.

One thing that is so special about coffee pods is their sizing. They are small enough to require little energy to work on. The hot water flushes the pod once you push the appropriate button. This method is essentially very rapid and saves power down the line.

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Efficiency and Consistency

For most businesses that choose to use coffee capsules or pods, these are two of the main reasons. They save cafes and restaurants a lot of time from a commercial perspective. Furthermore, it reduces the need to train or hire a barista.

Hence, the commercial uses of coffee pods are so popular as well. And for personal use, they require less time to produce and have a reliably high-quality drink. This is primarily in the case of certain branded coffee pods or capsule machines. Furthermore, you don’t have to grind, weigh and tamp the coffee beans.  You just drop your coffee pod in and press a button.

Additionally, you don’t have to think about using the correct amount of water at the optimum temperature. You can get a fast cup of beautiful coffee as easily as possible. This can be ideal for situations like leaving for work or just having a short break. Eventually, this form of convenience can be a real plus.

They even come in lots of different flavours while still providing a consistent taste. Alternatively, you can have a machine that can also frother milk. You can easily make a variety of gourmet coffee drinks at the press of a button. Some of these options include latte, mocha, cappuccino, macchiato, decaf, and much more.

Packaging Keeps them Fresh

Do you regularly buy big packets of ground beans? You'll notice that the granules start losing their oils and aroma once they're open. Regardless, you can help preserve them for longer by using airtight containers.

However, they won't equal the freshness of tightly sealed individual pods. This is another reason why coffee pods are so popular. 

Furthermore, you may be used to grinding fresh beans for your coffee. Therefore your standards are likely to be far higher. However, with the new airtight technology, all coffee pods and capsules are made with quality containers.

These packages are in a protective atmosphere to retain the flavour. An anti oxygen barrier is present in the self-protecting packaging, so your coffee will still be new. This ensures the best in-cup outcome with an authentic coffee.

Ease of Maintenance

It is usually easy to clean and maintain the coffee machines you use for pods. There are only a few components that need washing. An example of this is the drip tray, which requires regular emptying and washing.

Occasionally, the water container may still require washing, mainly if you've just used filtered water. However, this is generally simple to do. Descaling is necessary sometimes. Here, we suggest using quality cleaning detergent or a branded descaler for coffee machines.

Regular cleaning and care for your coffee machine will ensure its longevity. This is another primary reason why coffee pods are so popular. Eventually, you get to save more down the line and ensure consistency with your schedule.

Any of the more popular coffee brewing methods have a habit of being shockingly messy. When the work is done, it can also take you a long time to clean up the surface. 

However, this doesn’t spell doom for you. Because you can quickly rectify the situation by using coffee pods and capsules. You will be preventing extra stress on yourself. It's a matter of taking the capsule and placing it in the appropriate recycle waste bin. This virtually works for most coffee pod devices, and you're able to brew the next cup.

Less Professional Oversight

Although the act of making a fresh cup of coffee from scratch is something romantic. However, 98 percent of the time, most coffee drinkers do not have that patience. The outcome can be less than optimal if you brew coffee freshly and are in a hurry.

Therefore, if it's not easy to get your favourite beverage, this merely compounds the problem. In your home or business, using a modern and basic coffee machine helps you to quickly create a much wider variety of coffees.

This is one thing that is so special about coffee pods. They are so easy to operate that a five-year-old can easily brew a cup. In this modern age, simplicity is a new form of sophistication. The quicker you can solve problems, the better it is.

You really may not bother exploring the ins and outs of professional coffee brewing. Therefore, coffee pods may be right up your path. The concept is not to get bogged down in the science of how the entire thing works. Hence, you simply chuck a capsule in the system and let it take care of things on your behalf.

An Ever Fresh Brew Every Time

Keeping the beans and ground coffee as fresh as possible is very crucial. Significantly, when it comes to making quality coffee. Alternatively, just use the precise amount you need at the exact moment you need it.

Each unit is hermetically sealed, with the seal experiencing a breach at the right at the moment of use. This is precisely how high-quality coffee pods work. All of which, with every cup, guarantees incredible freshness.

This way, you do not have to open a large bag of coffee beans and worry about storage. Each coffee pod is independent and can produce one cup per serve. Therefore, this makes it easy to regulate your caffeine intake. Finally, you are confident that every single brew you make will always come fresh.

A Wide Array of Options

Using coffee pods no longer means having to settle for only a bunch of cheap coffee. Quite the opposite, in capsule form, there are practically thousands of different coffees available. It may have been a while since any coffee pods have been in your possession. However, do well to try them again; you might be in for a nice surprise.

The reasons you see above all contribute to why coffee pods are so popular. However, don’t just take our words for it. There are references and statistical facts that equally highlight the same point. 

Across the globe, worldwide coffee pod sales are rising by 9% every year. In 2016, this figure was just 1.6. Now, over a third of all global coffee sales are coffee pods. 

For most consumers, the answer to why coffee pods are popular lies in how convenient they are. Now, they can just make a cup of coffee by pressing a button. They don’t have to worry about ruining an expensive cup due to poor brewing.

How to Clean Coffee Pod Machines

No matter how popular coffee pods are, constant cleaning and checkups are necessary for your device. Coffee grounds release oils that can make further brewing turn out bitter.

After any use, ensure to wash the coffee maker and remove the grounds. Additionally, clean out the brew basket, cap, and tray. You can carry out more in-depth washing at least every three months to extract mineral particles.

Most coffee makers have a cleaning warning that is audible or visible. This may typically come before a timeout. By being cautious about upkeep, you can eliminate shutdown.

Other brewers have a set-up for the cleaning period. This may be in the outline in the manual. Always follow the maker's thorough cleaning instructions.

Cleaning your Coffee Maker with Soap and Water

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to clean your coffee machine with soap and water. You will need a soft cloth, dishwashing liquid, a paper towel and a sponge.

  1. Remove the brew basket and discard the ground and any disposable paper filter with each usage.
  2. Flush your sink or appropriate jar partly with hot water.
  3. Add dishwashing liquid, especially a brand formulated for oil removal.
  4. In the soapy water, put the brew basket and the permanent filter.
  5. For removal of some coffee grounds and sticky residue, wash with a sponge or soft towel.
  6. Rinse the carafe in warm water and discard any leftover coffee. 
  7. Add some of the warm soapy water and use a sponge brush to scrub the tray.
  8. With warm water, clean the brew basket, permanent filter, and tray.
  9. Wipe and put to dry with a soft towel.
  10. To clear any stain, put a soft towel in soapy water before wiping the outer lid, brewing area and inner lid 
  11. In freshwater, dampen a towel to clean away any soap traces.
  12. Put the coffee maker back together when the components are dry.

Cleaning your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Use this method to extract the calcium mineral accumulating in your coffee maker. However, ensure that washing with vinegar is fine by the maker. Despite how popular coffee pods are, not all coffee machines come from the same material. Therefore, check your coffee machine's manual before you start cleaning it with vinegar.

If you’re good to go, you will need a bowl of hot soapy water, vinegar and a soft cloth.

  1. Empty your coffee machine, wash and clean the tray, brew basket, and permanent filter with hot soapy water.
  2. Disable, if necessary, the water filter.
  3. Replace the basket of empty filters and the tray.
  4. Mix white vinegar and water in equal sections, adequate to fill your water tank. A straightforward way to achieve this is to fill half of the chamber with vinegar and then fill the top with water. But if the amount in your brewer isn't clear, combine it separately to add it.
  5. With the vinegar and water solution, fill your water tank. Place a paper filter in the brew basket if you are using paper filters.
  6. Run through half of a drip loop with your coffee machine.
  7. Stop it so that the solution can stay in the water channel and the tank.
  8. Enable it to sit in both the reservoir and the tray for 30 minutes to an hour.
  9. After 30 to 60 minutes, restart the brewing period and finish using your coffee maker to brew the vinegar and water mixture.
  10. Discard the carafe's vinegar and water solution and replace the paper filter (if using).

Both methods can work wonders for your coffee maker. However, if you find either procedure too tedious, you can buy a descaler. This offers a quicker solution, but at a cost though. However, the instructions are simple and usually come in a manual.

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Coffee Pods are the Future

The rising popularity of coffee pods is undeniable. Thanks to their unique features, coffee pods can help accelerate and improve your productivity as a whole. More importantly, they taste great too!

Fortunately for you, down at Invigo Coffee, we sell premium coffee pods for residents across Canada. 

It’s time to save more time and energy. Hop on the coffee pod bandwagon; we assure you that your coffee drinking experience will change for the better forever!


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