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The Real Cost of Coffee Pods in Canada: Price and Waste

by Alex Bider 28 Aug 2020
The Real Cost of Coffee Pods in Canada: Price and Waste

The cost of coffee pods is one of the questions most coffee drinkers in Canada need answers for. That along with the potential amount of waste that can come from coffee pods is a huge point of discussion for most people. 

Coffee pods are not bad for the environment. The issue that most people never quite figure out how to recycle the waste that comes from coffee pods. 

Daily, two-thirds of Canadians enjoy a minimum of one cup of coffee. About 25 percent of these coffee cups are single-use cups. The estimate of coffee pods Canadians discard per day is at 2.8million.

This results in a huge amount of waste piles across the country. Is there anything that we can do to mitigate this? Yes, there are. 

As regards price, can we get affordable coffee pods in Canada? Absolutely yes. This article will answer these questions about the real cost of using coffee pods in Canada. 

The Coffee Culture in Canada

The cost of coffee pods isn’t a drawback for the Canadian coffee culture. Millions of Canadians drink coffee every day, which is understandable. Canada is a very cold country, with temperatures of -38°c at times. Coffee helps to combat this frigid temperature as daily activities progress.

With its rich yet dark brew, coffee leaves you with a soothing and relaxing feel. The caffeine in coffee can keep you awake through your workday. Also, with a coffee cup, you can surf through a book in no time. There is no better feeling than this. Every Canadian knows this feeling, and this translates to a massive profit for coffee companies. Thanks to this immense love for coffee, the café business is very lucrative in Canada.

This unprecedented love for Coffee explains why the cost of coffee pods is a big question for many. But, how much exactly are we talking about?

What is the Cost of Coffee Pods in Canada?

To use coffee pods, you need pod-compatible coffee machines. These machines alone cost between $30 and $700. This price range depends on some factors other than the pod-compatibility. Whatever the case, this machine type is necessary for the coffee pods.

Coffee pods, in a way, help you save cost on pot brewing. The cost of coffee pods ranges between $0.30 and $1.00 per pod. The pods mean you have fresh coffee per time. If you were buying your coffee, you will definitely spend up to 50% more.

This affordability makes it easy to use coffee pods in Canada. However, you should know that the cost of coffee pods can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, these include:

  • The quality of the coffee pod
  • The rarity of the taste 
  • Finesse in its taste

Effects of Coffee Pods: Waste to the Environment

Waste is another factor that can come across as the cost of using coffee pods in Canada. Waste is a major issue for the world. Not only does it deface the environment, but it also has negative effects on climate and vegetation. The presence of plastic in the environment causes the release of toxic substances.

Degradation of plastic can take hundreds and thousands of years. This is bad because plastic is used in making most coffee pods. Though, this is in combination with paper and aluminum. With the dominant coffee culture in Canada, plastic has become a major problem.

Recycle collectors don't like collecting coffee pods because it degrades very slowly. This results in the bulk of plastic from these pods ending in landfills. This presence of plastic on lands results in the disruption of the food chain.

Microorganisms like planktons suffer the effects. This menace also affects bigger animals like whales and other animals in water bodies. In the case where fishes consume this plastic, it ultimately ends up in the human body. This cycle of plastic waste transfer is unhealthy.

This is the real cost of buying coffee pods in Canada. However, there is a solution. You no longer have to worry about the cost of coffee and still worry about the cost to the environment. Over the next few paragraphs, we will show you how to reduce the waste that comes from coffee pods. 

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How to Reduce Waste from Coffee Pods

Buying coffee pods in Canada is as affordable as it can get. But, this advantage comes with so much waste. Does this mean you shouldn't use coffee pods again? Arguably, this is impossible. 

We cannot stop the use of plastic, but we can reduce waste. There are a few things you can do to reduce waste from coffee pods. Here’s how:

Recycle your plastic

The three main components of coffee pods are plastic, aluminum, and paper. With the release to the environment, the effects can be bad. Hence, you may need to repurpose your plastic in-house, if possible.

Recycling and Reusing Coffee Pods: How and what to do?

You can reduce the environmental cost of coffee pods by reusing and recycling them. You may think this goes against the primary purpose of the pods – convenience. But, sacrificing a degree of comfort for the sake of the environment is a worthy course.

Reusing the Coffee Pods

The cups are made for one-time use, but you can always use them a second time. With a gentle rinsing after the first use, you can use pods again. 

Though doing this makes the pod weaker, you can still cover it with foil for reuse. The drink may also not taste as good as the first, but it saves you money for the cost of coffee pods.

It is best to first cut out the foil with a prototype piece of paper. Then, simply place the paper on the foil and cut. When you do this, place the foil on the pod. Wrap it around the brim and press it down. In the best-case scenario, this reuse will look like a new pod.

Also, you can use coffee pods to decorate your home during Christmas. You simply need to cut a hole at the bottom and insert the tiny bulbs in it. This results in varying colours. 

You can also use the pods for a miniature garden in your home. These are amongst several other innovative ways you can reuse coffee pods in your home.

Recycling the coffee pods

You can always recycle plastic even if it fails to degrade. Aluminum, plastic, and paper are the major components of coffee pods. By peeling the aluminum and paper, the various components can be used in manufacturing other products. 

Separate the paper, plastic and aluminum components of the pod. Then, take each pile to a recycling centre near you. 

Final Take

The cost of coffee pods in Canada is very affordable. But, you can reduce coffee pods waste by reusing the pods. This is what everyone should do when using our coffee pods. 

Here at Invigo, the coffee pods we offer to residents in Canada are of the highest quality. This easily allows for reuse if you want. Check out our online store for coffee capsules today to learn more!

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