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How to Choose Coffee Pods

by Alex Bider 25 Sep 2020
How to Choose Coffee Pods

In this article, we will break down what coffee pods are. We will show you how to choose coffee pods that suit you. This article will serve as an ideal coffee pod selection guide to teach you how to choose.

There is no greater way to wake up than with a warm cup of coffee. However, it can be daunting to manually brew especially on a tight schedule. Thankfully, we live in an age of coffee pods. And you can enjoy this level of bliss if you know how to choose your coffee pods.

Things evolve every day with the advent of technology. Hence, it’s no surprise that the world of coffee has evolved as well. Coffee pods constantly revolutionize the way we consume coffee. Therefore, it is time for you to get along with the trend.

What Are Coffee Pods?

Before we start, you need to be familiar with the subject matter. What exactly are coffee pods and how do you choose coffee pods?

Coffee pods are capsule-shaped containers made of biodegradable filter paper. They contain ground coffee beans and go through preservation to keep them fresh. Each pod makes for one serving at a time. They are also informally known as the “tea bags” of the coffee world.

They are simple to use and require no skill. The coffee pods contain various blends of coffee beans from across the world. This information is crucial when you need to buy coffee pods. The region of origin of the coffee beans also determines its flavour and quality.

An average coffee pod is about 61mm in diameter and can weigh about 10g. The sizes vary depending on the type of brew you want to make. When you want to choose coffee pods, you need to note the sizes. Ultimately this is because not all pods fit all coffee machines.

How To Choose the Right Coffee Pods

As mentioned above, coffee pods aren’t one size fits all. You need to consider the brand you are using and the type of pod as well. This is the first step to know how to choose coffee pods.

Acquire the latest coffee making machines and high-quality coffee pods compatible with your machine. The type of pod you use determines the quality of satisfaction that you get from your brew. Buy coffee pods that produce the best colour from the coffee in conjunction with your selected equipment.

Buy pod flavours that suit your taste, and use a high-quality mix. Also, you should learn the general variations between the form and position of the bean that the pod uses. The results of various sampling techniques also affect the quality of the final product.

The freshest coffee is made from roasted, ground and quickly extracted beans. This will only happen if all three stages are connected. Coffee roasted but then shipped to an encapsulation plant cannot sustain the freshness needed to make the perfect coffee.

When you choose coffee pods, pick one with a full seal to avoid air from entering. This ensures that it does not degrade during transit or by other objects.

There are two types of coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta. These two bean varieties are popular in consumption and usage respectively. Knowledge of the variations between the two beans lets you buy coffee pods with characteristics that suit your taste.

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Arabica Coffee Beans

  • The beans are denser due to been grown at high altitudes
  • The bean density gives a better taste.
  • Gives a rich green and slightly bigger colour than Robusta beans
  • Allows a rich mix and offers a milder, more aromatic flavour than Robusta

Robusta Coffee Beans

  • Produced at low altitudes in hot tropical climates
  • They are pale green with a dark tint
  • Creates a full taste that is earthy and woody,
  • Has a stronger similarity to traditional Italian espresso
  • A strong, economic bean, more common in coffee mixtures
  • Has a greater concentration of caffeine than Arabica

Identifying the different types of coffee beans gets you closer to knowing how to choose coffee pods. But, knowing the origin of the beans will make your coffee pod selection smoother. This is why the history of coffee beans is equally important.

Islands in Far East & Pacific

These beans contain warm earthy, bitter flavours. They do better with a dark roast to keep the undertones clean. The coffee beans are subjected to monsoon rain and winds before being harvested.

The method reduces acidity and gives the bean a sweet, mild taste. Essentially, coffee beans grown here are unique and are a favourite for experts who choose these coffee pods.

Latin America

Same, round flavour, mild acidity, and sweetness. They are known to taste of chocolate and almonds. Taste is better if only a mild to medium roast is provided. This preserves its light flavour properties.

Central America

They have fully rounded smooth and fruit-like flavours. Also, they have lower levels of acidity or bitterness to them. This makes them ideal for people who are looking to buy coffee pods for the first time.

Africa and the Middle East

These countries grow a medium-bodied bean. Spice, chocolate, and wine are known characteristics of its taste. For a mild to medium-dark roast, the perfect flavour is obtained to match contrasting savours. Furthermore, before you choose coffee pods, read on the method of roasting the beans. This will help you anticipate the flavours and aroma.

The temperature and time of the roast influence the tastes and aromas. Generally speaking, the longer it takes to roast the beans, the stronger the flavour. 

The effect of a dark roast on flavour is stronger as the bean hits higher temperatures. All acidity is normally eradicated and beans become bitter.

This roast also preserves as little caffeine as possible in the bean. A shorter, smoother roast preserves some of the regional features of the bean and develops sweeter, acidic flavours.

Importance of Coffee Pods

By now, you are more conversant on how to choose coffee pods. However, do you know the importance of these pods? Do you know how coffee pods can benefit you?

The utmost advantage of coffee pods is the amount of time saved. It is very swift and easy to use. This makes it perfect for early risers that need to go to work. 

Below are other benefits you get when you buy coffee pods.

  • Coffee pods make tasty coffee without professional barista experience.
  • Coffee pods remain fresh for longer
  • Coffee pods minimize waste and reduce cleaning
  • Coffee pods are huge time savers
  • Coffee pods eliminate the stress of coffee grinders

Types of Coffee Pods

It is important to know the different types of coffee pods. When you choose coffee pods, you need to know which size you will require.

Soft pods

Soft coffee pods are designed to run on non-pressurized coffee machines. They are compact and loosely packaged to allow optimal drainage between pod holders.

Soft pods are available in sizes that range from 55 to 70 mm, although other sizes are less common. The amount of ground coffee in a soft coffee pot amounts to around 8.2 to 12 grams.

They give you less product waste and more flavour and better extraction of coffee. However, they offer fewer ways to brew coffee and fewer colours, mixtures, or roast options. It is also often tough to locate where to buy soft coffee pods in food stores.

Hard Pods

Strong pods, or E.S.E. pods, use pressure-brew espresso machine labels. Unlike soft pods, hard pods are tougher, which will make them better for your machine. Since coffee is already pre-ground, you don’t have to grind it yourself.

E.S.E. pods have a single size of 44 mm and can weigh between 7 (single) grams and 14 (double) grams. They are also packaged individually to help keep each pod healthy.

Strong pods will make your coffee smoother and give you a more consistent flavour. Some may contend, however the consistency of E.S.E. Pods are not as good as ground espresso. So when figuring out how to choose coffee pods, note these differences.

Coffee Capsules

It is fairly common for people to mistake coffee pods with capsules. However, coffee capsules are thin, aluminum foil-topped plastic containers.

Calling them coffee capsules is very confusing since they can hold almost all that they can do. Hot chocolate for instance can be contained inside a capsule.

Capsules can come in about any variety you can think of, and they are in compact containers. However, these containers produce more waste and they can still be much costlier than capsules. It is still more common to choose coffee pods over capsules.

How to Use Coffee Pods

Knowledge of the best way to choose coffee pods will be useless if you can’t use them. Luckily, they are extremely easy to use. Simply insert the coffee pod into the machine. Then, press the appropriate button and watch the machine stream hot water through the pod.

The hot water extracts the coffee flavour from the beans. The brew drains down into a cup below. In an instant, your cup of coffee is ready.

All coffee machines are easy to use. Therefore, you will have no problem on how to choose coffee pods in Canada. They are available nationwide at affordable rates.


Coffee pods have made the art of coffee making a child’s play. From the simple and compact sizes to the ease of operation, as long as you know how to choose coffee pods, you’re good to go. The pods can also contain any blend of coffee whether Arabica or Robusta.

Ensure to do your research on the regions before you choose coffee pods. Coffee beans from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, etc. all have varying tastes and aromas.

Try out the different types of coffee pods, whether soft or hard at Invigo Coffee. We provide you with a wide range of premium coffee pods from different parts of the world. Check out our online store today!

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