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Here's How You Can Make the Best Coffee from Coffee Pods

by Alex Bider 08 Jan 2021
Here's How You Can Make the Best Coffee from Coffee Pods

If you're here, looking for how to make the best coffee from coffee pods, it's safe to say that you're a pretty big coffee lover. And when you think about it, why not? Coffee provides you with enough energy to start your day. If your day has already begun, it allows you to get through it without dealing with the piled-up fatigue. 

So, yes, coffee is excellent, and there's no harm in trying to figure out how to make the best coffee from coffee pods. But, you see, the great thing about coffee pods: you don't have to sweat so much while trying to make the best coffee from coffee pods. Their very nature allows for convenience and speed without losing quality. 

In this guide to using coffee pods, we'll let you know all the essential details of making great coffee using coffee pods. 

What Exactly is a Coffee Pod?

Before telling you how to make the best coffee from coffee pods, you must learn what coffee pods are. This is largely because certain people use the term interchangeably to refer to different coffee packaging methods.

So, to clarify, coffee pods are small coffee containers created to give you an easy yet excellent coffee cup. Of course, some use these pods for more than one serving. However, that would be betraying the purpose of the pod itself. Besides, the more times you make a cup of coffee from your pod, the less likely you are to enjoy it. 

More often than not, coffee pods are created to be used with specific machines. They always have their coffee enclosed in a small cup or (sometimes) biodegradable container that resembles the average tea bag. However, these pods' shapes, forms, and sizes often differ from one brand to the other. 

What are the Features that Make Coffee Pods Unique?

Naturally, coffee pods are simple little things that do not require too much expertise before you use them. However, despite their simplistic look and lack of complexity, they do have a few features. 

These features stand them out from other coffee packaging/preparation methods and make it even easier for you to make the best coffee with them. They are:

Porous containers

As we stated earlier, when you buy coffee pods in Canada, they usually come sealed in either cups or teabag-like containers. The build of the cup is often different based on the machine it is designed for. However, the containers are almost always porous. 

This design decision enables water to get to the coffee within the container during the brewing process. But, besides that, it also prevents excess moisture from building up prematurely. That way, you can rest assured that your coffee is not getting clumpy and/or soggy before you can drink it.

Single serving

With ground coffee, things are a tad different. Because you're making it from scratch and getting it right from the source, you might still get the chance to make the same coffee grind into a cup a few times. 

However, with coffee pods, things are a tad different. How so? Well, they're designed to give you just one cup of coffee. Now, you won't get raided by the police if you decide to use it more than once. After all, you're not breaking any laws. 

But, you will have defeated the purpose of learning how to make the best coffee from coffee pods. This is because the coffee would've lost its potency, and the taste wouldn't be as great anymore.

Small sizes

We've already established that coffee is excellent. But, like everything else on the planet, you also need to remember that you cannot take too much of it. Doing so can put your health at risk. Producers of coffee pods know and understand this fact. 

As such, coffee pods often come in small sizes. Most of the time, you'll get pods that measure between 44-60mm if you're looking to buy the best coffee pods.

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How Can You Make the Best Coffee from Coffee Pods? 

We've spent the last couple of minutes giving you background information on coffee pods and what makes them up. Now that that's over, let's move on to why you're really here — how to make the best coffee from coffee pods.

To begin with, you should know that most coffee pods are designed to be used with machines. Considering that, you may think the preparation method will be very rigid. Thankfully, this isn't necessarily the case. Coffee pods allow you a significant amount of creativity during the process. So much so that you can make your coffee in two broad ways with submethods underneath each way.

The first of the two broad methods is manual, and the second is machine-aided. Enough of all that jibber-jabber, though. Here's how to make the best coffee from coffee pods. 

Machine-Aided Method

This is perhaps the easiest, fastest, and most common method of making your coffee with coffee pods. As you can probably guess, considering the title itself, this method requires a machine to work. Of course, that means you may need some technical know-how. But, it's nothing you can't figure out from reading this guide.

Before going ahead, you should know that there are two sub-methods for making the best coffee with a coffee machine. The first will be perfect if you have the exact type of coffee pod machine that you need. The second will suit you if your coffee machine is incompatible and you can't afford to get a new one. 

Method 1: Making Coffee With a Compatible Coffee Pod Machine

Now, we know that you're pretty pumped to get your coffee done. But, you'll need a couple of things before you can start brewing. They are:

  • A coffee pod machine. Keep in mind that this machine should be compatible with the brand of coffee pods you're using. If it isn't compatible, you should skip to method two. That way, you'll learn how to use an incompatible machine with your coffee pod. 
  • Coffee pod(s). You can't make coffee without your pods.
  • Measuring cup. This will be used to ensure that you're putting just the right amount of water. You may just use a regular cup. But, doing that might expose you to the risk of making mistakes and excessively diluting your coffee. 
  • Water. This should be readily available. It should be clean and cool because the machine will take care of the heating process. If you're wondering whether distilled or filtered is the way to go, well, it doesn't matter.

Getting these four items shouldn't be so difficult. Once you have them already, you can now learn how to make the best coffee from coffee pods. Below is a step-by-step procedure:

  • Pour a convenient amount of water into your measuring cup. Then, use it to fill up the water tank in the coffee machine. For some devices, the water tank is located behind. For others, the design is a bit different. Regardless, you should ensure you fill it to maximum capacity without spilling. That way, your coffee will get the liquid it needs.
  • Remove the packaging on your coffee pod. This should be easy enough, considering that most pods come with perforated edges. If yours doesn't, you can improvise with a household tool. 
  • Put your coffee pod into your machine. Since you're using a compatible machine and coffee pod, you shouldn't have any trouble. Some brands might require you to push a button to access the pod area. Others might not. Whatever you do, though, ensure you do not try to get the pod in forcefully. Doing so isn't likely to end well.
  • Tweak the settings how you like. Most machines come with a light, medium, and strong setting. These three settings directly correspond with the strength of the coffee. So, if you want something light, pick the light setting and so on. However, keep in mind that your coffee will brew longer if you choose the strong setting. If you skip this part, the machine is likely just to give you a medium cup.
  • Click on the brewing button. That'll get your coffee started and brewing.

When you're done with all these processes, you can now kick back, relax and wait for your coffee.

Method 2: Making Coffee With an Incompatible Machine

Different companies have different designs for coffee pods. These variations in designs now translate to a variance in the types of machines that can be used for them. 

As such, many people often find themselves unable to brew the coffee they want with the machine they have. Thankfully, we'll be teaching you how to make the best coffee from coffee pods even if your machine isn't compatible. 

But first, you'll need a few things. They are:

  • Coffee pod. It doesn't matter the type you have here. Any regular coffee pod will be fine. 
  • Coffee mug. 
  • Coffee pod machine. We imagine that this is already in your possession.
  • Coffee pod holster. This is the most necessary part of your journey towards perfect coffee. Without this little thing called a coffee pod holster, it is practically impossible for you to insert your coffee pod into the machine and brew. 

When you've gotten all these items, you're nearly done making your coffee. However, you still need to do a couple of things they are:

  1. Put your coffee pod inside the holster. This is pretty simple for anyone to do. But, you need to keep in mind that you mustn't force the pod into the holster. Yes, your machine can be incompatible if you have a holster. But, your holster must be compatible with the pod so it can slide it in easily.
  2. Place the holster into the machine. Once again, you need to be careful. If the holster isn't compatible with the machine, you might end up causing more damage than intended. To avoid all this at all, make sure that you check the compatibility from the start. You can get this from your machine's product description or review. If your holster is compatible, you should be able to get it into the machine without forcing it in.
  3. Place the mug on the top of the burner. Now, this step might be entirely unimportant if your coffee machine doesn't dispense coffee in this area. But, if it does, place your coffee mug here. It'll help you to prevent spillage.
  4. Set your machine appropriately. Like a regular coffee pod machine, you have three options - light, medium, and strong. Whichever you choose will determine the strength of your coffee. 
  5. Push the brewing button to get your coffee started.

Depending on the coffee strength you chose, you should have your coffee ready in a few minutes. That, dear friend, is how you make coffee with a machine.

Manual Method of Making Coffee Pods

Granted, this isn't the most convenient way to make coffee with coffee pods. However, your lesson on how to make the best coffee from coffee pods wouldn't be complete if we skip this method—moving on! 

If you're going to use this method, much like the machine-aided version, you can use two style variations. Unlike brewing with a machine, these two variations aren't classified by any specific boundaries. They're merely dependent on your coffee preferences. They are:

Method 1

To get through this method, you'll need to acquire the following items:

  • The coffee pod you like the most. Since you don't need to use a machine here, your options are unlimited. Just get something you like.
  • A narrow glass that resembles the one used to take shots 
  • Boiling water. Without a coffee machine to help boil your water directly, you'll need to boil it yourself. Just make sure you don't boil more than usual.

Once you've got these three main things, keep in mind that you'll also need two minutes for your coffee to be ready. Knowing this, here are the things you must do to get it started.

  • Find a way to get your coffee pod open. This can be done with your hands, a knife, a pair of scissors or something of that sort. Just remember to keep all these sharp objects out of the reach of children, if you have any.
  • Remove the lid.
  • Empty the contents of your coffee pod into your glass cup. Now, you need to note that you cannot afford wastage here. The reason is that each coffee pod comes pre-measured for one proper cup of coffee. Reducing the coffee content in your pod will automatically affect your coffee's potency. 
  • Put the coffee capsule or coffee pod at the top of the narrow glass. 
  • Add some boiling hot water to your coffee. This is to kick off the brewing process. 

When all this is done, you wouldn't need to wait too long. Since your water is already boiling and your coffee has been exposed, you can enjoy your drink in no time. Just make sure you're patient enough so that the boiling water doesn't hurt you.

Method 2

To go on with this method, you'll need to pick up a few materials for yourself. They are: 

  • Your coffee pod. Again, you can pick up different flavours of coffee pods
  • A microwave-compatible container. 
  • Water. In this method, we'll be employing the services of a microwave. As such, your water doesn't need to be boiling. The microwave can take care of that. However, the water does need to be sufficient for the amount of coffee you want.
  • A microwave. If you're unable to provide a microwave, a close alternative will be a properly functioning kettle. But, with an alternative, your water has to start boiling before the process begins.

While the first method will take all of two minutes, this one might extend to about five minutes. It's not a lot of time to wait if you really want that good coffee. To make time go faster, you can start your coffee making immediately. 

  1. Open the capsule where appropriate. If you're not inclined towards doing it with knives or scissors, you can get the job done with special openers designed by the brand. However, this may lead to extra costs for you.
  2. Pour the coffee inside your water. Make sure not to waste anything so you can enjoy the potency of your coffee. 
  3. Stir it properly for as long as you can. The reason you need to do this is to assist in the dissolution process. The last things you want are clumps and lumps that'll prevent your coffee from getting absorbed into the water. 
  4. Add heat to your mixture. The primary reason for that choice of words is that you can't call the cup of coffee a drink at this stage. After all, it hasn't been brewed. So, if you're using a kettle, turn on the flames. If you're using a microwave, push the right buttons. 
  5. Take it out once the time is up and stir for a bit more time. This one shouldn't take long. It's just to make sure that you get any other clumps that you might've missed earlier. 
Bottom Line

Making coffee manually with coffee pods isn't so bad. It doesn't take time and, as you'll soon find out, isn't so bad either. So, yes, you should go for it. However, it's noteworthy that these pods weren't exactly made to be ripped the way we're doing it in these methods. 

So, if you must rip them, make sure to empty them completely. That way, you can get your sweet coffee flavour. If you cannot rip them, simply make your coffee with hot water using the normal teabag method.

Why Will You Want to Use the Manual Method in the First Place?

Without a doubt, the machine method of making coffee with coffee pods offers a lot more speed and convenience. So, why exactly should you even bother going through the stress of the manual method? Well, here are a few possible reasons:

The lack of electricity

Imagine you've gone to the supermarket despite the pandemic to buy coffee pods in Canada. Then, as soon as you get home, you realize that your power supply has been cut off for some reason. 

You turn on the radio and find out that the power company is just doing some routine maintenance. But you would still really like to take your coffee. Well, in this case, the manual method works for you. It can also be because you're trying to save power. Whatever it is, the manual method provides a great way to get coffee without using electricity. 

Better taste

Most people aren't quite on the same page about the issue of taste. Some believe there's really no difference. However, many others think that coffee that's made manually is a lot richer in flavour than its machine-made counterpart. 

There's not much of an explanation by the proponents of this idea. But, the chances are that you may be one of them after you've had your first manual coffee pod coffee. It's another reason people use the manual method.


Many coffee pod brands make their products to work specifically with one type of machine. This is great for branding. Unfortunately, it isn't efficient for customers like you who may want a little variety in their lives. Besides, there's no guarantee that you'll even find a holster for your product. 

So, yet another reason you may want to use the manual method is that you don't have the right machine for your pod.

Why Stick with Coffee Pods for Making Great Coffee?

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are several different methods you can use. One that's often compared to coffee pods is coffee grounds. Coffee grounds essentially represent the old fashioned way of making coffee. While they involve quite a bit of effort, the taste is all so rich. 

So, if the taste is just as great, why should you bother learning how to make the best coffee from coffee pods? Well, let's find out:

It requires very little expertise

Coffee pods are pre-packaged and pre-processed. Essentially, this means that the coffee inside has been grounded and optimized for brewing. Additionally, they've been perfectly blended to ensure that they do not get spoilt quickly. 

So, you don't need a lot of expertise to make or store them. Simply follow one of our methods of making coffee from coffee pods, and voila! You've got yourself a great cup of coffee.

It gives reliable results

With the old school method of making coffee, there are a lot of variables. Many things can go wrong between the grinding process and the final brewing. As such, you can never really be sure your coffee will come out the same way.

However, this isn't the same case with coffee pods. The coffee inside these pods have been perfectly grounded and roasted with machine precision. So much so that it's technically possible for the products to be identical. 

As such, you can count on the fact that you'll be getting the same quality of coffee every time you brew. This is even more so when you use a machine that'll get your coffee ready within a specific timeframe.

There is no mess 

The traditional method requires quite a bit of physical effort. This is evident in all the processes that have to be met. As such, you may end up making a mess. This is only natural when you're trying to make your coffee from scratch. 

But, things are different with coffee pods. Due to their packaged nature, everything is already sealed and placed correctly in the right container. As such, you merely need to brew and pour. You're not likely to leave any messes. 

This helps to save up cleanup time and will be particularly helpful when you're hurriedly leaving for work in the morning. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Coffee Pods

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q1: Which method is better between the manual and machine-aided for making coffee with coffee pods?

In reality, they both have their advantages. For example, the manual method is believed to provide excellent quality in taste because it dissolves the coffee instead of brewing it through the pod. 

On the other hand, the machine-aided method allows you to conveniently do what you need to do without a lot of stress. So, picking the best will be entirely dependent on what you want from your coffee.

Q2: How long before your coffee pod expires? 

Different brands try to keep their products for as long as possible. It's great for marketing, at least. The pods have different "expiry dates," depending on the brand that created them. However, on average, coffee pods tend to last six months before they turn bad. 

Q3: Do coffee pods taste great?

Most people compare coffee from coffee pods to coffee from coffee grounds. Admittedly, there's a difference in taste. But, it doesn't mean coffee pods do not make excellent coffee. 

Coffee pods taste great. Several million coffee pods are sold out each year. This translates to several million cups of coffee being drunk each year. Logically speaking, if they didn't taste great, they wouldn't be getting so much patronage.

In Conclusion

Well, that's about it for our guide on how to make the best coffee from coffee pods. If you've always wanted to learn, you should have all the information you need to start by now. 

However, information alone won’t put a smashing cup of coffee on your table. Go one step further and check out our online store for coffee pods. Here at Invigo Coffee, you'll get the absolute best coffee pods in the market, and you can get started on your coffee journey. 

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