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20 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Coffee Pod Lovers

by Alex Bider 12 Jan 2021
20 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Coffee Pod Lovers


2020 has, unarguably, been one of the longest years that anyone in this century has had to face. However, despite all the challenges that looked like they were out to get their pound of flesh, it’s the holidays again! The streets are lined with heaps of snow and the Christmas lights have been twinkling everywhere you go in Canada. Finally, you have some breathing space to think of the best gift for the coffee pod lovers in your life.

Now, the thing about true coffee pod lovers is that their love of this caffeinated beverage means they stock up quite often. The chances are they can afford to get themselves a year’s supply of coffee even in an apocalypse. After all, they did have their cups of coffee pods, every morning throughout last year. As such, you may be confused as to what you can get them that they’ll truly appreciate besides their beloved coffee pods, that is.

Well, that, my dear friend, is where we come in. You may as well grab your cup of coffee because we’re about to give you the ultimate list of holiday gift ideas for coffee pod lovers.

What is the Best Gift for Coffee Pod Lovers?

From the coziest coffee shirts to the most hi-tech coffee-making gear, there are a ton of options you can choose from as the best gift for coffee pod lovers in your life. However, in our list, we’ll narrow it down to twenty-one of the absolute best Christmas and new year gift ideas for coffee lovers. 

Now, before going ahead, you should keep in mind that some people prefer to make their coffee without using the traditional coffee pod machine. So, even if we recommend products that are not exactly coffee pod machines, rest assured that it’s still a top gift for the coffee pod lovers in your life. So, without further ado and in no particular order, let’s get right to it!

Sambonet Mix & Play 6-Piece  

Sometimes in life, it’s the little things that count. Of course, you can go ahead to send a smashing, awesome coffee machine as the best gift for coffee pod lovers. You can also get them a coffee subscription that will last as long as they’re alive. 

But, how exactly are they supposed to stir piping hot cups of coffee or scoop their grounds when they decide to make coffee without machines? We don’t know if you’ve heard, but using your hands isn’t exactly very sanitary. That’s where these spoons come in. 

They have incredible aesthetic value and they’re safe to put into the dishwasher. Your coffee lover will most likely have spoons in their homes already. But, we can sure bet that they do not have spoons that look this great! So, you may want to add this to your shopping list.

Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press

During the coronavirus pandemic, many countries went on full lockdowns. Some of them allowed essential service providers to move freely. Others weren’t so generous and even those service providers had strict restrictions on what they could and couldn’t do. 

However, as soon as the restrictions on movement were lifted, people had to go back to work in full force, travelling here and there to make up for the lost time. Perhaps the best gift for coffee pod lovers you know is this fine piece of hardware. It allows the owner to brew coffee on the go. 

All they need to do is to add some hot water and the coffee grounds from their coffee pods and voila! There’s a perfectly brewed cup of coffee for you to sip regardless of your location.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug

The only thing better than perfectly brewed coffee is a perfectly brewed cup of coffee that’s steaming hot. It makes your intake of caffeine that much more exciting. What’s more, is that it helps you to shake off the excess cold from your body on a chilly winter morning during the holidays. 

With this gift for coffee pod lovers, you can guarantee that your coffee will remain at just the right temperature even when you’re not drinking it immediately. The way it functions is that you’ll pick a temperature option on the mug after pouring in your brewed coffee. 

When you’ve picked your temperature, you can leave the rest to the mug as it will keep your coffee as hot, warm, or cold as you’ve chosen for up to three hours. Neat, right?!

The Coffee Lover's Book: Essential World Coffee Guide – Interesting Facts, Tips, Benefits and Best Easy Coffee Drinks & Desserts Recipe Book” by Lesley Lynn Hudson

Have you ever noticed that a lot of coffee lovers tend to be book lovers as well? If yours falls into this category of people, you really cannot blame them. There’s just something all too enticing about having a warm cup of coffee in your hands while reading a pretty good book. 

It’s almost like each sip you take sends electrolytes across your body that energize your imagination as they zap through your brain cells. With that being said, if your coffee lover also happens to be a book lover, you can go ahead and get them this masterpiece. 

It isn’t exactly a Harry Potter type of book. But, it will help improve their coffee game. So much so that even you may become a coffee enthusiast after tasting their coffee if you weren’t already. 

Simesove 70 Capacity 2-tier Bamboo Coffee Pod Holder

If not a product that is directly related to coffee pods, what else will be the most perfect gift you can give to a coffee pod lover? Yeah, we thought so too. This beautiful piece of contraption would be an excellent addition to the life of the coffee pod lover you know. 

It is an eco-friendly coffee pod holder that can contain up to seventy different coffee pods. Beyond its generous holding capacity and eco-friendly nature, the pod holder also has a sleek design that’s bound to complement the looks of your recipient’s kitchen.

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Oversized Latte Mugs

Picture this. It’s a windy Saturday afternoon. The weather isn’t quite as chilly as it was earlier in the morning, but it isn’t exactly searing hot either. As such, you can still put on that comfortable Holiday sweater that’s two sizes too large and ridiculously comfortable. 

You’re also putting on your sweatpants with an oversized coffee mug in your hands while watching your favourite show That, right there, is perfection and we dare say that it comes with this oversized coffee mug gift for coffee pod lovers. 

The best part is that the mug, considering its large size, can also double as a deep bowl for other things. This may be anything from soup to small servings of popcorn and everything else in between. Your coffee-loving buddy or lover is sure to love this!

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub

Unlike the others on our list, this product isn’t exactly meant to be drunk. Additionally, it doesn’t provide a way for you to drink coffee either. Instead, it uses your coffee lover’s favourite beverage to create the perfect skincare product. 

This coffee scrub is excellent for boosting circulation across different parts of your body. While that might seem like a pretty good deal in its own right, it’s not all. The scrub also helps you to smoothen your skin, increase its firmness and brighten up whatever part of your skin has been dulled by the elements. 

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the recipient’s skin type before you can get this scrub for them. It is universally compatible. 

Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Slim Pot

If you’ve ever wondered what beauty looks like, you may want to take a look at this pot. It is an excellent gift for coffee pod lovers who would much rather just make their coffee without machines. This slim pot can hold just enough water to cater to your coffee making needs. It fits on any standard kitchen shelf snugly without occupying too much space. 

One of the best things about this pot is its appearance. Coming primarily in black, it gives off a look of simplicity and elegance. This makes it perfect for pouring tea for guests or just pouring yourself a nice drink on a motivated Monday morning. Your coffee pod-loving buddy is sure to think the world of this gift.

American Weigh Scales Precision Digital Kitchen Weight Scale

If your coffee-obsessed recipient is every bit as interested in coffee as you think, then perhaps it’s time for them to start taking their coffee a bit more seriously. This means no more adding sugar to the beverage because “it just feels right.” 

It means they also can’t just rely on instinctive scoops of milk to make their perfect cup of coffee. At this point, for the coffee to consistently come out just right, they have to measure their ingredients down to the last ounce. This precision scale will help them do just that. No more guesswork. No more estimations. No more weird-tasting drinks. Just consistent, excellently-brewed coffee.

Coffee subscriptions

Do you know one thing that has made the world particularly interesting? It’s the ability to get what you want delivered right to your doorstep without having to move a muscle. So, if you want to go a different route and get the best gift for coffee pod lovers, you can as well decide to get them a coffee subscription. 

It functions a little like a magazine subscription where you get the latest issue delivered right to your door just when you need it. 

The only difference is that instead of seeing a bunch of people you’ve never met in your life, you’ll be seeing the love of your life – coffee. Even we’re excited just thinking about it.

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

By all means, hot coffee is great. It gives you such a rush with which you can begin your morning. The best part is the heat allows you to truly exercise patience and enjoy every sip of your drink instead of gobbling it down simply because you're thirsty. All of these are good. 

However, a little variety isn't so bad, if you want to be honest. That's where this coffee maker comes from. Instead of giving you the regular, it helps you to make iced coffee that you'll love. The design is compact enough to fit in snugly with the rest of your kitchen. If you're looking for simplicity and a smile on your coffee person's face, this just might be it.

BoutiqueSadieUS Books and Coffee Sweatshirt

If you think about it, is a holiday truly a holiday if you don't get someone a nice sweater, or a sweatshirt of some sort? Of course, we like the spirit of gratitude and we would appreciate anything that comes our way. 

But, without that cozy sweater, it just doesn't feel complete. That, dear friend, is the point of this shirt right here. With an inscription that says "books and coffee," your coffee-loving person is likely to adore this present. 

Why? Well, it showcases one of their favourite things in the world — coffee. If they're the type to read books very often, it makes things significantly better.

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United by Blue Enamel Steel Candle Mug

If there's one thing that the planet truly needs right now, it's a certain responsibility with our products, goods and services. To do that, we must reuse and recycle our items at every turn. If your coffee-loving person loves the environment as we do, this will make a perfect gift for them. 

Why? Well, the stainless steel mug starts out being a candle container. It doesn't exactly look like the fanciest thing in the world, but it is still pretty nice to have in its early stages. 

Secondly, the mug is so well designed that after the candle melts within, you can repurpose the mug to serve as your coffee mug. 

Finally, if all that doesn't convince you, the company works hard to clean up the environment. So, if you were to buy this cup, you'll help the company clean up a pound of pollutants from our ocean floors. If you were wondering, "what can I buy someone who loves coffee pods," this could be it.

Palermo Coffee Body Scrub 

If anyone ever told you there’s a need to drink coffee all day, every day, for you to enjoy all that coffee has to offer, they lied. Coffee is made from natural raw materials in the form of coffee beans. 

Like almost every natural product on the planet, coffee can be recreated in many different ways for different purposes. The Palermo Coffee Body Scrub is only one of the possible ways. 

Indeed, we've mentioned another body scrub earlier but think of this as a friendly alternative. This particular scrub will help to keep your skin firm. Also, it is great for exfoliation purposes, which promotes proper health. To add icing to the already delicious cake, it helps you keep your skin well moisturized. During the holidays when temperatures are cold, we cannot overemphasize the importance of moisturized skin. 

Mug Storage Tree

Do you want to know a little secret about coffee lovers? Well, they love their mugs. Of course, there are exceptions, but most people will much rather not have their coffee from a wine glass. When you buy the best coffee pods in Canada, you want to drink from a mug that’s equally stunning.

However, with a love for mugs comes the need for a place to store mugs properly. This is where a storage tree comes in handy. Much like a hat rack that helps you keep your hats neatly organized, a mug storage tree provides a place for you to properly organize your coffee mugs. Its sturdy design prevents the mugs from falling such that they get damaged or broken. Finally, and very importantly, the tree looks good! 

Iced Coffee Kit 

If you truly wish to give your gift recipient the best gifts, then you have to consider this iced coffee kit. This set of products provide you with virtually everything you need to make and enjoy ice-cold coffee. 

Some of the things included in this set are a tumbler, some ice spheres and a metal straw. That last product is particularly interesting because a reusable metal straw is always better than a regular plastic one that you’ll dispose of immediately.  

A ceramic-lined, insulated bottle

They say that looks aren't everything. But, even you have to admit almost at first sight that this type of bottle looks really good and that matters! The ceramic on the outside first lends a hand to control the temperature. However, it also simultaneously adds incredible amounts of beauty to the bottle itself. 

Apart from the ceramic on the outside, the internal qualities of the bottle are strong enough to keep your drink from getting cold through the course of the day. The best part is that unlike some other bottles, you won’t have to deal with that ceramic or metallic taste. The bottle keeps its material well out of your coffee.

A coffee pod machine capable of making espressos and lattes

When it comes to coffee, we're willing to bet that one of the primary things that gets your coffee-loving friend or relative out of the house is that cup of latte or espresso. The reason behind this is quite simple. 

Not every machine is capable of making these variations of coffee. This is unfortunate, though, because sometimes, that variation is all you need if you really want to get your day started. Sadly, this morning trip to the coffee shop can be a tad exhausting sometimes and many would much rather skip it. 

If your coffee-loving person is part of that category, this gift is perfect for them. How? Well, you'll quite literally be giving them a machine that can make what others are queuing in line to get. It saves time, resources, and provides great coffee in the process.

A chart of coffee drinks

Much earlier in this piece, we mentioned the importance of the little things in life. We also hinted at how they have the potential to make you even happier than the biggest, fanciest gifts. Well, this is one of those little things in life. 

If your coffee pod-loving friend is a person who enjoys small, but ever-present acts of effort, you can consider getting this for them. Of course, as a real coffee lover, they mar already know a bunch of things on the chart. But, they can always learn new things. 

Besides that, the chart can serve as a decorative piece. So, when you entertain certain types of guests, they'll hold you in high regard for your taste.

Excellent coffee pods

Like they say, we have managed to save the best gift for last. If you’re wondering what to gift your friend or relative who loves coffee pods, it’s straightforward — give them the gift of delicious coffee pods.

Here at Invigo Coffee, we use a careful, proprietary process to make different flavours of coffee pods. Why don’t you give your friend or loved one the gift of a unique, delightful taste? Check through our collection of coffee pods now!

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Coffee Pods Lovers a Gift

We've gone through exactly 20 amazing coffee pod related gift ideas for the holidays. No doubt, these gifts are sure to put a smile on the person's face, regardless of the exact one you choose to go with. 

However, if you truly want to leave them impressed, you may want to consider three major things. They are:


You need to understand your coffee lover before you go ahead and buy them anything. In the same way, you'll confirm if they buy coffee pods in Canada, confirm if they actually like certain aspects of it. Do they enjoy latte or espresso? If they don't, getting them a machine specifically designed to make those drinks will be a poor way to spend your money. 

Do they enjoy settling down to drink out of mugs? Or will they rather have their coffee once a day on their way to work in the morning? All these will help you make a smart buying decision. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on coffee pod gift ideas, or something else, that your friend wouldn't even like.


Before going ahead to purchase something for someone, remember that the money is coming directly out of your pocket. So, take a break and consider your options. 

Do not simply dive headfirst into the most expensive thing you see. It might impress your recipient, but ultimately, you'll regret it. Instead, always try to find a balance between cost-effectiveness and the wow factor.


Before getting a gift for your recipient, you must be sure that it'll be useful to them. Otherwise, you risk buying them a gift they'll never use. 

Worse still, they may end up sending it off to another person. In the absolute worst-case scenario, they'll turn it down immediately after you show up with it at the door. So, check to see that it'll be useful to them. 

One way to do that is by finding out if they have the product already. If they have it already, try to see if it's old enough to be replaced or still pretty new. Additionally, pay attention to their hints. People often let their gift cravings slip in conversations. It is up to you to pick out these hints and get them a gift based on them.

In Conclusion

The holidays are here again and there's absolutely no better time to spread good cheer and gifts than the present. Luckily, we've provided the biggest list of products you can get your coffee lovers this season. From there, you can choose the best gift for coffee pod lovers in your life. 

But, instead of playing the guessing game, and hoping they'll like this or that, why not give your loved one the best gift of all — coffee pods in different flavours. Shop with Invigo Coffee today. Happy holidays!

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