About Us

Our Story

Invigo Coffee Roasters was founded to elevate coffee culture. As coffee lovers ourselves, we are deeply committed to crafting premium quality whole beans, ground coffee and espresso capsules that deliver exceptional experiences. Our journey has been dedicated to refining our manufacturing processes to produce the finest coffee blends available. Our passion for creating the best coffee in Canada is what drives the Invigo story - a story rooted in our natural love for the rich flavors of expertly crafted coffee.

What We Offer

At Invigo Coffee Roasters, we offer a variety of coffee products to our customers in Canada. Whether you prefer the convenience of espresso capsules, the robust flavors of ground coffee, or the authenticity of whole beans, our range caters to every taste. Each blend reflects years of meticulous research, rigorous quality assurance, and testing to consistently exceed our high standards of coffee excellence. Explore our selection and experience the taste of passion in every cup.

Where Invigo Coffee Comes From

Here at Invigo Coffee, our coffee products, including ground coffee and whole beans, are sourced from regions renowned for their optimal growing conditions: high humidity, cool temperatures, slightly acidic soil, and excellent drainage. The best coffee beans, whether for espresso, filter, or any other brew, thrive in areas with dappled sunlight. Colombia, with its diverse microclimates, offers ideal conditions for producing a variety of unique flavor profiles in our coffee products. Moreover, Colombia experiences two distinct harvest seasons, allowing us to offer a range of freshly harvested beans throughout the year. At Invigo Coffee, we're committed to sourcing and roasting beans that capture the essence of these exceptional growing conditions, ensuring every cup delivers a memorable coffee experience.

Organically Grown, Expertly Roasted

At Invigo Coffee Roasters, we blend passion with expertise to craft exceptional coffee experiences. Our beans, sourced from regions with ideal conditions, including Colombia's diverse microclimates, yield unique flavors thanks to dual harvest seasons. Central to our process is a secret roastery recipe, honed over 20 years by coffee industry professionals, ensuring each batch is expertly roasted to perfection. Committed to quality, we prioritize organic practices to deliver memorable flavors in every cup. Join us and taste the difference at Invigo Coffee.